Can I Get Some Feedback On My Game?

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  • Hello!

    I posted a game to the arcade a couple weeks ago, but it looks like no one has played it. It's just a fun little space shooter/brick breaker mash-up I put together, but I'd like some feedback.

    Here's the link:

    Let me know what you think, and if you have a game on the arcade, I'll check it out and leave feedback as well!

    Thank you!


  • Not my type of game, but the movement really annoyed me ...

    I think you used lerp or something to slowdown before having to move the other way. Admittingly the browser I tried is a little slow with the html5 games on occassion (firefox)

    In internet explorer the green thing doesnt show up or is below the visible view.

    And, the name is a bit misleading hahaha, I expected something totally different.

  • Tried it on my chrome browser. Everything seemed in place. As fort he game, it was fun. Good sense of challenge balancing the ball while shooting. A nice upgrade to classic arkanoid.

    If anything, having the ball come back at you when you shoot it can be a little to difficult when having to dodge bullets and shoot back at the little tanks(Maybe thats a bug?)

    And maybe making the stage more narrow might reduce the ball from bouncing to much on a horizontal line?

    Otherwise, cool stuff.

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  • An interesting take on Arkanoid, but I think you need to add a lot of stuff to it to make it stand out.

    Also I agree that the paddle is somehow "too heavy" and steers like an oil ship. Should be lighter and responsive, but that's just an opinion.

    I like the retro feel :)

  • Yeah, the games I make in Construct 2 seem to work best with chrome. I made a simple physics-based game and posted it to a forum and one guy said it ran so slow it wouldn't hardly do anything.

    I think I'll speed up the ship a considerable amount and cut down the playing field a bit to speed up the action. I also plan to add asteroids to shoot to keep the game interesting once you destroy all of the enemy-spawning bases. I also plan to add power-ups, bonuses, and levels that consist of space invaders instead of the bricks.

    I allowed the player to shoot the ball to help speed up the game when there are only a couple blocks left and sometimes it would get stuck bouncing completely horizontal. I'll probably have to use some special actions to get the bounce right instead of using the built-in bullet feature.

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


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