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  • Hello!

    This is the first game I develop. This is called Larry Puberty. I spent a bit more than a month to make everything: programming, audio and visual art. It is a very very simple game but I'd like to receive some feedback so that I can always keep improving my skills.

    Here it goes the link:

    Thank you!

  • don't know why, but my mouse dissapeared after I pressed on the towel. Great idea, have an easy option inside the game to turn off the music, since it's a web based game, usually people are listening to something else. Thats what I have so far, need to run away to school and good look, looks promising!

  • Thank you HeroBiX! This thing about the mouse dissapearing was proposital, but with your comment I see it would be better to put a "grabbing hand" sprite instead of nothing. I have a lot of trouble trying to create the turn on/off sound option, but I'm going to give it another try.

    Thank you so much!

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  • Well it's definitely a gross game :P

    Not bad though, good level of challenge most of those kinds of games dont have, good art style and all that too!

    Only thing is I feel like the hit detection could be a bit more generous, especially for a mouse based game, there were times when my cursor was just SLIGHTLY to the right or left and it didn't take it, became unfair as the game gets faster.

  • Thanks Dannyzigg! I'm going to change the colision area.

  • I am glad to know my post helped you, jonygina!

  • Frederico I scored 14200, I think your game needs a scoreboard, and maybe some extra actions every now and then... like bonuses, or penalties of sort. Maybe a fly comes to your face? Maybe you have to pull stuff out of your nose?

  • I totally agree with you Windwalker. I really enjoyed the idea of the fly. These stuff will certainly improve my game, thank you!

    In the non-browser version of this game (wich I didn't publish) I put a highscore, but I couldn't "translate" this system to the API integration of Kongregate. So I had to cut it out from the browser version.

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