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  • Hello everyone!

    I just finished my first game with Construct 2. Admittedly, it is more of a game to play around with Construct and get accustomed to using the interface. I wanted to share it though and see what people thought. The artwork is very simple. I'm more curious about the game mechanics and suggestions or just overall how anyone feels about it.

    I also integrated Clay.IO with it. I was curious how it worked.

    I learned a lot about using Construct with this game. Not so much the interface (it seems very well designed in the way of OOP design) but the intricacies (like preloading sounds and what not).

    I don't think I can post links so I apologize for the non-clickable link.

  • Oh wow, not what I was prepared for. It runs really smooth, though I might suggest easing into the acceleration as the background kinda messed with my eyes. Also maybe a longer into run before the enemies start showing up.

    I understand the use of simplistic graphics starting, but maybe a triangle would be better for the shooter. Also, (this may just be my pref) scaling down a bit would free up some resources going forward and might make your production graphics seem higher quality. I really liked the Morphing square enemies, that is a really cool effect. This has inspired me to make a series of games (or maybe one big one) focused around optical illusions lol. Really liked the "Click Me" easter egg.

    Great first game!

  • Alexixiv Thanks for the feedback! It's a V1.0 which is why I asked for feedback. I'll have to change the acceleration of the background at some point to start slower and progressively move faster. I did that on purpose. I wanted it to mess with the player's vision a bit. I found the game was to easy without it. I used the background to create some kind of balance.

    I figured the enemy start spawn rate might need to be a bit longer in the beginning of the game. I was playing around with the numbers a little bit. I feel on a couple seconds for the plain red squares because that's what felt comfortable to me when switching to the start of the game with the keyboard and the touch screen controls. Admittedly though,I played it a LOT to test things so I knew what was coming.

    Making the player be a triangle is interesting. I originally thought of that but went with the circle instead to completely contrast the squares. Maybe I should add in a player select? Let the player decide what they want to use? It might add more choice into the game with no real consequence on the action.

    I have future plans in later builds, like adding shields and such. I just haven't thought of a good way to balance the act of having a shield. For every action in the game I want to have a consequence. That's why I added in bullets but every time one is fired, 5 points are deducted.

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  • Great little game, really enjoyed it :)

    I love the idea of your score being tied to your ability to shoot, the shield feature would be great addition... sometimes you get a situation where you simply don't get enough time to real off enough shots to get through a chunk of squares.

    A shield could drain 100 score per second and every block it destroys you lose an additional 250 score making it very expensive to use. If it is able to be toggled instantly this would be great for those split second saves...

  • arontwose That's exactly the idea I was thinking to use for the shields. I had friend critique the game offer the idea of having to gain multiple power ups to get the shield and then it would last for only one collision. The process would then start over.

    I've been debating which way to go. I'm leaning more towards the points mechanic since the game is based on achieving the highest score. It would offer better balance.

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