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  • THE GAME: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/666 ... index.html

    THE CAPX: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/666 ... _0423.capx

    So... I didn't have the internet from December 2013 until earlier this month. So as you can imagine, boredom set in, and to keep myself sane, I worked on this during the month of April. I'd managed to get to my bro's and use his internet for an hour or so and downloaded the C2 update that had the tilemap plugin implemented. So I got home and started messing around with it, but having no docs, I was going at it blind but I learned a lot.. probably the hard way, but it probably meant it sunk in more.

    Earlier I was going through my old stuff and found this and realised I'll never finish it. So I present to you the capx. I learned a lot from doing it, and I hope it's useful for someone. Comments are there but were mostly for myself to remind me what did what. I usually don't comment when doing prototypes.. too lazy ;p I'm actually surprised that the code is that tidy actually, as I'm usually pretty lazy with that too.

    There are 2 fully designed challenging levels. Play it enough and you'll know what to do and how to do it, but you'll need a good memory to know where stuff is (best played with keyboard btw). And yes, fatboy does indeed hover over boulders when he should in fact be behind them, and that was deliberate to show the player they COULD collide with the boulders AFTER they passed them a little <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink"> I tried it with fatboy being behind the boulders and it just didn't feel the same..

    A brief explanation of the methods used to display the levels... I seem to recall loading in a json file I'd exported from PyxelEdit (I think) in the beginning, but soon realised that wasn't really an efficient way to design and test levels, so I used the tilemap object to visually design levels within C2. I started to find limitations when I wanted tiles to animate but the plugin didn't have that functionality. So I used an array to load the level from the tilemap and then spawned the tiles dynamically from sprite objects.. animation of tiles was sorted. I put each tilemap'd level onto their own layer so I could easily edit each level separately. There are a few things in the events that I can't recall why I did them that way but ah well.. .it worked ;p

    Uses LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys (which is best if you really want to master the levels). I implemented touch without having a device to test on at the time, but thought.. just in case.. but honestly, it doesn't work that well now that I've tested it on my samsung galaxy. Don't know if it's me, but I can't tap the screen faster than I can tap the keyboard ;p

    Oh and I'd just started on the hiscores at the time of abandoning it, but never got much further than creating the layout and ON START OF LAYOUT event... ;p and yes, some things are still very rough *cough the immi text warning cough*

    Also, the name changed as you'll see on the main menu ;p It went through quite a few name changes actually, but thought Fatty Fast Food was better.. and less offensive.. ;p and since fast food is fattening, it just seemed to fit.

    jeez... I can ramble a bit....

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