Fat Fartman Adventures (INDIES VS PEWDIEPIE)

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  • So for the #indiesvspewdiepie jam that was featured on GameJolt, I created a game about a fat idiot that basically wanted to move to somewhere with more delicious treats, but is tackled by obstacles and healthy food alike on his journies.

    The story goes as follows:

    [quote:3asy0bjj]This is a story about Fat Donny- a person who craved for a lot of things. But mostly craved for a world with with watermelon trees, chocolate rivers, turkish delight mountains. He despised his area; full of nothing but slimey salads and obnoxious oats. Vegetables and other healthy foods littered the land, and Fat Donny couldn't take this anymore. So he set out to find the Land Of Food.

    This game came #369 in the competition with a 3.35 weighed rating average, which ain't too bad considering there was about 800 games. I was more than half way!

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  • Nice!

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