F.I.N.N. - an AI on the run - pt 1: introduction

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  • This is strictly a raw preview of some of the action that will appear in the game. Gameplay - what little is seen here - and the story will be refined as the game develops. More will come very soon...

    F.I.N.N. (or FINN...the definition of the acronym is pending) is an AI robot newly self-aware. With the growing curiosity of Johnny-5 ("Short Circuit") and the robotic innocence of Wall-e (Pixar's "Wall-e"), FINN has two basic criteria to fulfill: "mooore input" and to evade capture. FINN's journey will take the player through his eyes, with pieces of the story coming together bit by bit (similar to the Metroid Prime story telling). His purpose, how he came to be self-aware, and why everyone but three mysterious people is out to capture him will be revealed as FINN learns more about himself.

    FINN is a stealth-action game. Inspired by games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell, this game will drive the player to explore buildings, jungles, and more. Exploration is key, as it will be the source of evasion points and secrets. Having no offensive options, FINN will have to rely on his wits and come to learn about himself and his abilities if he hopes to discover the world around him and the world inside his own digital mind.

    It is my hope to create an experience of mystery and atmosphere through the discoveries FINN makes, including witnessing FINN's own throughs as he encounters new items, locations, and events...even just random "ramblings" as an AI might think of. (Think of the Forest Temple music in "The Legeng of Zelda: Ocarin of Time" and how it promoted an almost-eerie ambiance as you explored this nearly-deserted temple. It's that experience I hope to translate to FINN.) All the things we might take for granted will be like new to the player through FINN's experiences. The emotions and the search for one's self I want to try to present here.

    All in due time as development takes its next step...

    Without further ado, the (albeit, very brief and somewhat sparse) video!


    There are several items and a couple of other features not presented here. For now, I simply reveal the starting/basic types of enemies.

  • ...Video uploaded to YouTube instead of Dropbox...

  • Sounds like a cool project, and off to a good start!

    I particularly like that FINN's head appears to turn independently from his body (nice touch)!

    Look forward to seeing more :)

  • Blacksmith - :D Dude, that put SUCH a big smile on my face. Thank you so much for that. I was worried the virtually "what is this" content wouldn't garner any feedback. And I really appreciate that you notice the head turn. :) Actually, it's the treads, body, and head. The body turns a bit slower. I may change that to just the head and treads. As you noticed, the head looks like it's bouncing while moving. That's not supposed to happen and was due to the choppy recording initially...or it's my laptop. Not sure.

    Anyway! Thank you for the support! More to come!

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  • Hey Rhindon,

    Yeah you should definitely keep the independent head turns!

    It's those subtle touches that really make a game stand out from the crowd! Sometimes players aren't even consciously aware of them. But they can just add an extra dimension to a game and make it feel much more polished and professional.

    I'll keep an eye open for more :)

  • Blacksmith - *GRINS* I'll have to ADD more!

    I do have this VERY cool - well, I surely think it's cool - idea for the home screen. It's a mild touch of Matrix-ish interaction. Think "hacking".

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