Eye of the Tornado

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  • My entry to the Rotary Competition:

    Eye of the Tornado

  • Hey Wei,

    Apart from getting dizzy after a couple mins it was fun, i like the title, really fits. (maybe the twirly effect could be slowed down perhaps?).

    Some constructive feedback: I would like to see something in the middle that the ball can get caught in, a score tally and a ball tally - but if your finished then you can disregard this.

    Did you mess around with different colour backgrounds? I kept thinking that orange would suit the game more.

    First pinball game i have seen here i think, nice work.

  • Hey Genki

    I really apreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    What exactly do you mean by score tally/ball tally?!

    I'll try an orange background. I just thought "wind" is more associated with blue....

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  • No worries at all :)

    Gahh, Ive only just realised on this second play that you already had the score/ball count (thats what i meant with the tallies!). lol my screen resolution cuts out the top or bottom of my screen. Nothing zooming out doesnt fix.

    Wow, that background change made a HUGE difference (both in title and ingame) - not just a colour change either, i really like the different shades used in each section of the pinball table.

    Did you slow the rotation down a little? because i wasnt getting dizzy this time. Seems a lot more fun with the extra obstacles in there too.

    You could add more things if you wanted to keep polishing it, either way its much better now.

  • Thanks again! I think I will build a "normal" pinball next and see if a multi ball game can be established....

  • Today I added touch control (Version 1.29). Maybe someone could test it for me....thx

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