Exoclipse Retaliation, my latest game, is now available!

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  • Hello all Construct 2 fellow developers,

    My latest game, Exoclipse Retaliation, is now out and I am very happy (and proud) of my creation.

    This is my 5th published game, using Construct 2, and by far my best one.

    Exoclipse Retaliation, is the sequel to my previous game (Exoclipse)

    It is a landscape space shooter style game, with spectacular weapons, visual effects and sound. I really took my time working on the weapons, and I think some of them are unique.

    This is an ad-supported game. There are no in-app-purchases, although during the game you can collect crystals and exchange them for weapons.

    A few screenshot are attached below.

    A short video here --> https://youtu.be/yJgxuG5ixEw

    So, if you read this far, please take a couple of minutes and check out “Exoclipse Retaliation”. Please let me know what you think! I take all feedback seriously!

    Google Play -> https://goo.gl/CL79FI

    iOS -> https://goo.gl/ll0RnW

    And, if you were kind enough to download, and could find in your heart to help another fellow developer, please rate/review. You know how much it helps!

    Thank you and enjoy!


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