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  • This example relates to two features, firstly the new 'Loading Screen' defined in a recent C2 updated. And secondly an example of a colour changing effect.

    An the example can be found in the arcade here. Click Here!

    A tutorial for the 'Loading Screen' can be found elsewhere on this site within the tutorial section.

    The colour changing effect is achieved by positioning two or more of the same (Different colour) sprite over the same position, then melding them together with the opacity function.

    You can download the *.Capx file from here. Click Here! (Scroll down to the Loading Screen Table)

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  • I like it, but just out of curiosity why don't you just post the capx here?

  • Val:

    Thank you for your compliment.

    I can post the link here if you want. Download Here! But I attach it to a 5 second advert prior to the download link. The purpose for this is to compensate the time taken to create the *.Capx otherwise [due to financial limitations] it would have been more sensible for me to focus my time elsewhere.

    I didn't initially post the link as normally I come back to posts when I have more time to edit and update them. Also because I was unsure if I should due to the attached advert. And thirdly, since I'm updating the list of *.Capx files I'm offering on my site, it allows others the option to peruse and downloading those as well.

    If you have any more feedback or suggestions it's welcomed.


  • Thanks for the explanation! You do great work, and I was only curious.

    I'm awaiting approval from paypal to start using my account. I needed to modify my old account. I'm not really all that into purchasing a lot of stuff on the net, but I'll be happy when the account is active, so I can tip persons like yourself who generously share knowledge (although I'm not sure that you accept tips at this time, as I didn't check your blog before penning this entry). There are a ton of people who share music tracks, sprites etc. and merely ask for tips (like Jason Shaw at audionautix.com). I'll be happy when I can easily express my gratitude with donations. Especially to Jason and others like him.

  • No worries, any questions, I'm happy to answer. Thank you again for your compliments.

    I have thought about donations and if you consider my work helpful and useful to yourself and others I'll gladly accept any tips. There should be a standard Paypal donation button displayed soon.

    As well as providing *.Capx files (Back engineering and viewing the events is a great way to learn). I'm planning to provide other free to download game assets/art/music etc.. I just need to find the time to re-write the terms and conditions for these so that I can licence the assets to allow others to use them commercially royalty free without removing my artistic copyright etc... (I think I'll read how Jason Shaw does it).

    I'm also hoping to start recording my video tutorials again (This time with commentary). My primary computer keeps over heating and won't allow me, so I've recently had to move onto my old desktop which runs fine.

    If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

    Thank you again.

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