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    Currently putting up together a nice lil arcace/physics game which i hope to end up porting to mobile.

    Hit the ball and rack up as many points, extra points if you hit it while in the air and even more points if you hit it after a wall jump. Arrows to move and jump, spacebar pressed to hit with the upper rectangle, spacebar released to hit with the lower triangle. You loose points if the ball hits the floor or the random appearing boxes. Jump on top of the boxes once they fall for bonus points.

    Link to the prototype

    There are a few bugs and collision issues in need of fixing, any suggestions or ideas (what to fix, how to fix, etc) be sure to let me know!

    Features i hope to add:


    Hit/Avoid objects for extra points


    Power Ups

    Graphics- lil characters as players

    Lights, visual and sound effects in the style of Lumines

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