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  • Hello everyone!

    This is the beginnings of "Escape From LV-426"; a game set on LV-426 from James Cameron's film "Aliens". You play as Ellen Ripley, who must escort Newt safely to the USS Sulaco; preventing the Xenomorphs from capturing Newt. This game will not stick rigidly to the canon of the film.

    The splash screen:

    <img src="" border="0">

    The controls:

    A & D or Left & Right arrow key: movement

    Spacebar or Up arrow key: jump

    Q: tells Newt to wait/come to Ripley

    Left Mouse Button: shoot Pulse Rifle

    Right Mouse Button: shoot under-barrel grenade launcher

    R: Reload Pulse Rifle

    Issues I know about

    *When the layout restarts you don't start with all your ammo replenished. F5 works a treat though ;)

    *Newt gets stuck occasionally. I'm working on this.

    *No sound effects for the grenade launcher and the grenade explosion

    Play the early alpha version here!

  • this might be useful for you to research or modify, great graphics :)

    not too fussed on mouse keyboard controls :( be better on a gamepad

    cool idea with newt :D

  • Oh fantastic, thanks railslave! I've been wondering how I'll tackle animating the xenomorphs, but these will be excellent as a base!

    About the mouse/keyboard controls, I'd prefer a gamepad too but I don't have one right now. If I get one then I will incorporate support for it into the game for sure as it's my preferred method of play too for this type of game.

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  • theres a load of alien stuff on that site, snes alien had better animation i think. Be nice as place holders till you draw some.

    Be exciting to see how you go, very ambitious ..

    I think the sense of dread in aliens games is how randomly the aliens turn up. But they always make the aliens too big or to small, no ones realy got that right..... yet .

  • seen prometheus? hed be an awesome character :P might even redeem the abysmal film

  • I was thinking about throwing in a reference to Prometheus, maybe a glimpse of an Engineer or a special boss enemy; the Deacon alien that burst out of the engineer at the end of the movie.

    I've been keeping in key with the information available on this wiki for the technical details (M41A Pulse Rifle's magazine holds 99 rounds, grenade launcher holds 4 grenades, etc) so I'll be using that for the height of the xenomorphs (they're just a little on the small side using that first sprite sheet you linked me, but that's easily fixed).

    I've uploaded the latest version; I'm really feeling around at the minute to see what sort of style will work.

  • cant wait till you flesh the levels out a bit more, im dying with that 5 second teaser

    backdrops will be exciting to see, make sure you get some shiny foreground parallax in there;)

  • cool just seen the update, aliens look cool, nice lighting :)

    backdrops a bit too clean ?

    the suits they were in prometheus are nice and colorful, theyd look nice.

    I know its about 500 years from the plot of aliens :P

  • I haven't changed anything about their sprites yet, aside from taking them out and reimporting them into Construct. I'm going to change the colours on them slightly, the blue and red lighting on it are a bit too bright for me.

    I want to stick with the stock look of the characters in Aliens, so that they're easily recognisable physically as I won't be using any voice recordings.

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