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  • Here`s my new game:


    Put the ball in to the bucket :), this is demo i plan to make at least 50, 60 levels. There will be some stars, diamonds, some objects to collect so you can achieve few different scores on every level.

    Soo, write whats on your mind, what you like, what you don`t, write even if you think the idea is stupid <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Like it pretty simple stuff

    for touch apps i would set a power bar at the top rather than number which goes really quickly

    maybe some sort of cannon angle indicator so you can repeat shots with a bit more power

    i liked it, thought it was broken but must have got to last level with bouncy bars

    be cool if you could knock your own balls

    you do lots with the levels buckets you have to fill to make a see saw go down to make a ramp to the last bucket ect

    some sort of Ferris wheel with the bucket on

    loads of potential for a simple game like this

    I personally really liked it

    a la bombard etc you could go multiplayer to get to bucket first

  • Very simple, and yet - fun.

    It's a wonder why we don't have more awesome physics games like this!

    EDIT: Also, very good level designs!

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  • Yep the last level is with the purple bouncer :), and there are few mistakes in the levels, but will correct them, also i will add power bar and angle indicator, that's a good idea.

    Thanks guys

  • Nice Game and adictive. Good Job

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