Energenes - a cell simulation

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  • Finished ENERGENES

    a cell simulation.

    Each cell has its own genetic (you can change - tap on cell)

    With this settings cells generates proteins (Adenosintriphosphat[ATP], Inflammasome).

    ATP collects energy and return to the mother cell to feed it.

    Inflammasome attacks/defends other cell groups.

    One a cell reaches its split energy it split into two with the same genes.

    play here: http://www.gameus.de/energenes/

    Youtube: https://youtu.be/rxX6R3OFU4U

  • I don't really understand what is going on, but am strangely fascinated!

  • Thank you.

    This is a very simple simulation what is happening a billion times within our body (and each other animal)

    Cell nucleids collect energy with proteins (namend ATP) and defend their life with other proteins.

    And - philosophical - it's also how the whole world is working - Individuals struggle for life...

    And each ressource based game work like this - produce, collect, defend, expand.

  • Could you say the colours of each thing - what colour is an ATP?

    Are they supposed to be part of the same body? Are the red ones invaders? I mean, I'm not sure how spikey things wearing down other cells would help? Who are they attacking?

    It was fascinating but I was pretty clueless as to the dynamics of what was going on

  • Let me explain

    This simulation is made to simulate survival strategies depending of the cells genes (tap gene).

    There are four colors (groups) for cells (and their proteins).

    Any cells follow the same logic - but related to the individual genes (setup): create protein (ATP, Inflammasome)

    Any cell spawns proteins with the cell color.

    Creating proteins:

    Each protein needs to have a base energy level to be spawned (gene=energy protein). A protein consumes energy while life time.

    If the proteins energy level falls below zero it dies.

    The type of protein spawned is set with the factor gene=ATP%INF

    (the more ATP the more energy will return, but the less defending Inf. for the cells are available [and vice versa]))

    Proteins behavior:


    flows arround (with speed gene=speed) and if a food particle is in range (gene=range) it turns to the food and collects energy until the food is gone or the protein is saturated (gene=energy max).

    Then the ATP-protein returns to it's mother cell and transferes the energy to the cell down to the proteins base energy (gene=energy protein)

    And so on...

    Protein Inflammasome:


    flows arround (with speed gene=speed) and if a cell/protein of an other group is in range (gene=range) it turns to and 'attacks' this object (reducing it's and the own energy) until the object dies or the protein itself dies.

    Like the ATP an Inflammasome collects energy (in the same way).

    An Inflammasome can heal a cell of it's group when overlapping it and the cell's health <100 transfering energy to the cell.

    An Inflammasome detects an attack of a cell of it's group within a range*2 (gene=range) and moves to the attacker.

    Cell splitting:

    If a cell's energy raises to a level gene=energy split it split into two with 25% of the splitted cell (50% loss for splitting) and populates it's gene settings (opt. with little random mutations - see setup genes).

    If a cell's energy falls to zero it reduces it's health until new energy arrives (health will not be refilled by ATP energy but by Inflammasome energy).

    If a cell is attacked it loses energy and - if energy level = 0 - it loses health (health<=0 = dead).

    The clue of this simulation is to play with the cells genes (you can set each individual cell genes or spread it to all cells of a group).

    Chaning the cells genes will not change the existing genes of it's proteins - only the new proteins follow the new gene settings.

    Spawning food(energy):

    The imulation spawns periodically a small number of energy particles to keep the simulation alive.

    But you can manually spawn new food to change the conditions.

    You can drag n drop cells or kill them (double tab).

    You can create new cells and change the simualtion speed from 0(pause) to *10...

    click to enlarge: http://www.gameus.de/c2/energenes_big.jpg

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  • Sort of getting it - ran a game with just one green and one blue, seperated - the blue seemed to do really poorly, while the green multiplied rapidly then started sending attack stars against the lone blue.

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