Elvyra - 12 level platform shooter demo

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  • I have made a platform shooter game I would like to show you

    you can test it at http://elvyra.yas.cz/

    You control the character with arrow keys, space or arrow up is jump. You have three spells to shoot with,

    fire, ice and nature. 1, 2, and 3 to shoot. And there is a twist: you have to use the right spell on the right mob,

    fire kills the nature mobs (trees), ice kills the fire mobs and nature(green) spell kills the icecube mobs.

    You will also change haircolor corresponding to the last used spell, so if you used icespell, you get blue hair and will die if shot by a nature bolt. Mobs will start shooting and jumping at later levels, and gets faster each level. The demo ends at level 12.

    Please tell me what you think

  • I beat the demo was a bit repititive but cool. It would be nice if you add more monsters with different AI. The graphics and level design was okay as a placeholder but I think you should polish them. Nice game, keep it up!

  • I've finished all the 12 levels.

    The background image could be better.

    Good idea (The hidden cage).

    Great run animation.

    I don't think save system should be used in short levels.

    Nice game i've enjoyed it, you should improve the art.

    Good luck

  • I really liked your game. Eager to play the full version. Is expected to come out when and how many levels will have?

    You said his hair changes color right? I finished the demo and it did not happen!

  • pretty cool!

    I liked the variety of spells and having to shoot a mob with the correct one. Also liked the music, no noticeable loops or bad transitions..

    I really wanted to be able to shoot up and down though. one time a tree had me stuck down a shaft and it killed me over and over! I finally killed him somehow, but it seemed way to hard for what it was..

    also it's a little weird how you use the Keys.. I had to figure out to just keep hitting the '1' for the red spell and somehow that freed the bunny? I'd make that a different button like Space Bar since Up arrow already jumps. Also make a key, unlock and gate opening squeal sfx..would make it much more satisfying when you rescue the bunny. And maybe even one of those short success sfx for the "dopamine rush" .

    keep going!

  • Is a very good game. Looka can I contact you?

  • Obviously you got to work on the level design (simple and repetitive), but the engine works great, and I think that's the most important thing.

    Good work 'till here!

  • Nice Game so far but you really need to sort the monster AI and spawns out atm.

  • Thanks everyone for you replies ! =D This is the first game i have ever created, I wasn't really expecting this much positive feedback.

    Thanks all for great ideas and tips also, I'll see how much further i will take this project. The mobs' graphics will be updated later, Im quite happy with the main char and the tilesets.

    All the levels are procedurally generated from a quite simple formula so yes, it might be a little repetitive at times. If you press escape and "new game" you can see the game generating another first level, this happens really fast, and that's credit to construct 2, cause there's quite a lot happening in my code.

    I have plans of adding boss levels at a later time or in the final release, to break the repetitiveness up a little.

    A0Nasser: There is no real save system in my game, even tho you can "load" at any point. The game saves at start of level and when you find the key. (so you don't have to go all the way to the end of the tunnel each time you die) Thanks for replying

    Knight Light: No date yet for a final release (sorry) My last version of the non-demo version had unlimited number of levels, thanks to the game generating its own levels (i tried to design my own levels but i found out i suck at it, AND im lazy so i just programmed in a simple generator instead) =D As for hair changing color, it works here in firefox and in chrome, try another browser maybe? i have had reports of it not working once before. Thanks for reply =D

    jobel: Yes there is some inconsistency maybe with the shooting the cage three times. I'll probably change the whole cage and my tarded drawings too, bunny is definetly a placeholder gfx otherwise thanks for nice replies. Good idea with the sound fx.

    HR78: Thanks, im really happy with the level generator engine. I'll think of ways to add to its complexity

    EXPFall: Monster AI is some of the most difficult thing to code in i've ever done :S I'll try to improve them tho. As for spawns, it used to be much worse ;D Thanks

  • Added my game to the arcade beta:


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  • I just finished the 12 levels available in the arcade beta.

    Good game, I like the idea of weapons that vary depending on the types of enemies and hidden cages.

    In the beginning level , appear next to a trapped (a peak ) or an enemy bearing down on you have made ​​myself bitching but it increases the Difficulty .

    Good luck for the future (and for the improvement of AI and graphics ) .

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