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  • A couple of days ago I had a massive breakdown after getting way over my head with a game project. This January is one year since I bought a C2 license and I haven't finished a single game (even though I started a few larger projects, but abandoned them some months into development).

    I had it up to here, so I set up a goal to sit down, start and finish something right now. I went with the first game idea that came to my mind, designed a few things on PS, then built a prototype. All that in ~4 hours. I spent the next day tweaking the UI and cleaning bugs and just like that it was done.

    I hope you enjoy it, some people have already played it on Scirra Arcade:

    I plan to release it on Google Play to learn how things work there and frankly just for the heck of it (no ads and funny business).

    Please do let me know what you think.

    Edit: It's been published on Google Play, I'd be really happy if you can tell me how it runs on different devices - link

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  • It's been really fun playing around with the Scirra Arcade and Google Play options and the positive feedback motivated me to polish the game further.

    Update v1.1.3

    • improved collision detection
    • improved loading time
    • improved graphics
    • added support for all screen sizes in the wide screen area (16:9)
    • added Scirra Arcade rankings
    • added a few visual effects
    • added score sharing for Twitter and sharing for Facebook
    • added in-game instructions
    • added visual and sound effects for new high score
    • other minor tweaks
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