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  • Finally a new Beta version came up and I was able to upload my game to the Scirra Arcade.

    Here it is my second game made with Construct 2 - "7 Dwarfs". It is a game inspired by all known fairy tale Snow White and seven dwarfs.

    In the game you must guide the seven dwarfs driving in a mining cart through a maze of dangerous labyrints avoiding numerous dangers. You can use both your mouse, keypad or touch to control the carts movements.

    This currently a Beta version and has only 6 levels + EXTRA level. 3 more levels + 2 EXTRA levels are coming next week.(I hope I have enough free time.) Graphics will also be made smoother and better. Please rate the game and give your review about the game, what id you like and what could be made better.

    Link to the game:http://www.scirra.com/arcade/games/addicting-action-games/4925/7-dwarfs

  • The level design needs to be tweaked. at the second stage i was spending time just trying to stay right side up as right at the first drop off i was flipping over lol (Also stopped before finishing the level)

    i think you may want to try to make the cart less floaty as well? I don't know if that was intentional or not but it's a bit frustrating as i was bouncing

  • If you drop on your side, you can get up by accelerating in the opposite direction, in most cases the cart flips back up. Ill add this note to the game. About the bounciness, then this intentional, I might try to add more mass to the cart, but I dont know, if all features work then properly.

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  • I agree with OrangeTapioca, in that it's a little incongruous to have a heavy mine cart laden with Dwarfs bouncing like a balloon. =P

  • I doubled the mass, the cart feels much more rigid and heavier. Does it still feel too bouncy?

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