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  • I made myself an engine for my current project and thought to share about it with you.

    My main goal is to make:

    • something to handle quite large layouts
    • something to let me focus more on gameplay and less on placing sprites one by one on layout.

    Having this in mind I made it to be very compact (object count wise) and fully automatic - doing all for me on runtime.

    So basically what I need to do, is to define specific areas like walls, doors, player start/end positions... Which are represented by simple tiles - like in every level editor but without having one.

    Events then translate that areas and place proper objects at runtime and set all needed logic, effects etc.

    Engine in current version:

    • Top-down perspective
    • Making levels is very simple (example below is using sprite animation frames to load and setup level. But it's made to read data from *.png files, Tiled *.tmx files, or simply by drawing tiles on layout...)
    • Z sorting with different object types
    • Collisions
    • Simple enemies AI (chasing player on sight)
    • Simple player controls (walk, interact with doors)
    • Minimum object count as possible (for Layout 8192x8192 it's using only 82 objects)

    To do:

    • Random level creation (can't find any good solution for that:/)
    • Tweak lighting and shadows
    • Full player/enemies animations support (Spriter with new plugin will fit beautifully when it is finally released)
    • Proper gameplay mechanics
    • Art style
    • Game!

    Here's a little screenshot (all objects are only temporary placeholders)


    Windows, OSX, Linux 32, Linux 64, apk (using Crosswalk), www,

    (I'm not able and probably will never be to test OSX and Linux version, but they are here if someone's interested)

    On my PC: Win 7 64bit sp1 - Intel Core i7 3770K, 32GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (my GeForce 570 gtx broke on a Monday ) on Large map (Layout size 8192x8192) filled with objects I get 60fps all the time, no hiccups or slowdowns.

    Even with my current shadow/light engine (based on R0J0hound Paster plugin) I still keep 60fps.

    Lighting engine is not present in current preview because it needs many more tweaks and I'm still not happy with it.

    So yeah, please test it. Post your specs and fps results. I'm very interested how it's running on different configurations - especially on linux and osx.

    Any questions or suggestions post below.

    Thanks for watching/reading

  • great work - it runs very smooth on my setup, 60fps consistently -> win7 64bit - i7 920 2,67ghz - 6gb ram - gforce gts 250

  • I can't test it from here, but looking good from what I can see! For the level generation I'd recommend taking a look at the method Derek Yu employed for Spelunky. It translated very well to an isometric perspective in some of the tests I've done. There's an interactive example of how it works made by Darius Kazemi, but his site seems to be down right now so here's the article I found it through instead. Another simple option to explore is the method used in Vlambeer's Wasteland Kings.

  • Kali Thanks for the input!

    ahr Ech I'm looking for something "very simple" like this

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34375299/games/Dungeon%20Maze/map_example.png" border="0" />

    The main idea was to have not too many rooms (with different sizes) and corridors of various widths. And basically that's what I want.

  • On my 5 year old PC   <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    Object Count 82

    Mem used 26.94

    Spec Q6600 Core2Quad , 3GB Ram,2 X Radeon HD4870 in Crossfire, 3 year old Win 7 X86 install.

  • bertie Booster thanks! that's a good news... not that your pc is old :/ but that it still runs at 60fps. Appreciation and gratitude.

  • 24 FPS at the large map, up to 27 on the smaller ones.

    Dell Latitude D510 (1,8Ghz, 512MB RAM, Intel integrated graphics), there you have it, folks...

    Although i am actually impressed that the framerate is >10 on this old dinosaur of mine (at least i don't need a mobile device for testing, though <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />).

  • Not bad. only 3fps difference between 1024x1024 and 8192x8192? Not bad at all


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  • shinkan That's probably because things off-screen are not rendered (IIRC), therefore the difference should be created only because more objectts are supposed to be stored in the memory and logic processed for (which seems to be pretty damn optimized from what i've seen).

  • Nice,well done...

    Performance ranges from 47-41 FPS, for each level size, feels smooth enough

    Dated system too! 2.4 GHZ intel dual core, 2 gig ram, running XP , Ati radeon 512 meg video card, here's the even better news, my card is blacklisted in the chromium 32 webkit build, so I think this is running in canvas 2D, as the memory usage was stated zero.

  • any chance you'll put it up as a web-export? I would love to see my ipad/phoner suffer :D

  • Yeah, I suppose. Just need to change controls from keyboard to touch.

  • Here's the apk version (using Crosswalk) DungeonMaze.android.crosswalk.arm.apk

    and here's a www version DungeonMaze/index.html

    On my samsung galaxy s3 using Crosswalk .apk:

    Small map - 41-44 fps

    Medium map - 34-38 fps

    Large map - 30-34 fps

    Chrome for android:

    Small map - 39-43 fps

    Medium map - 38-40 fps

    Large map - 24-30 fps

    I'm quite surprised about that fps results - positively. I didn't do any web/mobile optimizations, just added few sprites for touch controls to what I've already have and export it.

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