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  • Hi all,

    Just like to let you know about Stormcat Games' first game: Dungeon Scramble, currently in development using C2.

    The life of a Dungeon Master is never easy. You�ve only just built your starter dungeon and now heroes are invading! Why do they always pick on the bad guys?

    You�ll need a combination of deep strategy and fast tactics to win.

    Choose your minions, traps, objects and spells and �calmly� plan your strategy. There are different ways you can approach each challenge.

    Then when the heroes invade the dungeon, scramble to place your defenses and defeat them as fast as possible. Watch your evil plans come to fruition! Muahahahahaaaa! A faster victory means more gold. And we all know Dungeon Masters love gold.

    Find out all about it, watch the video and "join the scramble" here:


    Thanks for reading! Hope you like it.


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  • Looks interesting. Reminiscent of Dungeon Keeper a little. I always thought being the creator of a tactical dungeon was a nifty idea. It's an old style tower defence before the term :P

    Good luck :)

    Vancouver huh. North, East, South, West, Burnaby, New West, Delta, Richmond? either one. I sponsored $10cdn to a local indie startup.

  • Hi Jayderyu,

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for sponsoring Dungeon Scramble! You're the very first sponsor and a true hero ;) We're based in Port Moody but you know, not so many people have heard of PM worldwide. Are you local to Vancouver yourself?

    You're right to mention DK, there aren't that many strategic/tactical dungeon simulators, but this game plays quite different .. it is also a puzzle game in a way as you have to work out the best way to approach a level, rather than an RPG where you level up your minions.

  • Sounds like an interesting game. Though I had the sense it was more tactical puzzle than resource and micro management, but I just fondly remember DK :P I like the idea of trying to create the puzzle to halt the hero rather than to solve the puzzle dungeon as a hero :)

    Live in Vancouver and work in Port Moody. So yeah local :P Good luck to your company. Great to always know locals are also at it :)

  • Small world! Let me know if you want to meet up for coffee in PM some time.

    If anyone has any feedback on the game I'd be really interested to hear what you think!

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