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Template for dungeon/maze generation, using wave function collapse
  • delgado

    interesting, once I've nailed down a bit more of the content I'll have a look at compatibility.

  • Binkus

    thanks dude! nice helmet!

  • Nice demo <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    So much Tower-games maked with C2 )) I'm currently working on smth like this.

  • 6/1/14

    update v0.4

    -added a mini-boss based on a D&D beholder, who can be killed by luring into spike traps.

    -added "turrets" (stationary faces in the walls that spit green acid stuff at regular intervals.)

    -adjusted several animations and text

    -removed "story" page (for now)

    -made spikes slightly more noticeable

    -changed scaling from letterbox integer, to normal letterbox.


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  • I just tried again, and I like it, though I still things it takes too long to get back to the action once you know the interesting stuff happens down there.

    I only got bad potions in chests, I may be unlucky, but after that just i just avoided them altogether.

    I would think it doesn't need to have a specific button to press to open a chest though, if you made the effort to land on something, you certainly want to interact with it, maybe after a one second wait or something like that.

    Aaand I would prefer to play with the arrows rather than WASD, because one of my computers got a AZERTY keyboard.

  • Thanks sved, I've just uploaded a version with arrow key controls!

    if you clear your cache before loading (on chrome press f12 to enter console then right click on refresh and click empty cache and hard reload) it'll make sure you're playing the latest version :D

    Anyway, I'm still working on the "randomness" factor which determines platforms, enemies, item spawns and chest drops, I think I'll tear it out and re do it in the next update so I can have a bit more control over it.

    Essentially at the moment I have a pool of numbers that are randomly drawn as the player descends, these determine what platform/item/enemy is going to appear next, with lower numbers spawning "easy" platforms. as the player gets deeper i'm just enlarging the pool of numbers to include more elements. I think what I need to do is form "groups" that will let me tailor specific areas i.e. create an area that will have heaps of mushrooms and very few platforms to make a kind of "bouncing" zone, or an area that has lots of skeletons or something!

    that way I can just sort of randomly assign a "zone" which will then in turn randomly assign these selected elements inside it so it's still dynamic and not too repetitive, but at least retains some kind of structure!

    as always, thanks for playing :D

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