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  • Game has been uploaded to Arcade....here are the instructions:

    Elf and Heroes need 10K gold to win. Superheroes need 20K. Wizards need 30K. Elves and Heroes are weaker at battling monsters compared to Superheroes and Wizards.

    To win, be the first to reach the specified amount of gold for your chosen class and returning to start.

    Play is turn-based. Each turn a player may move up to 5 spaces. Entering color coded rooms will take the player to a combat screen where the rooms' monster occupant is battled for treasure. Lower levels have weaker monsters and lesser treasures compared to higher levels.

    Level 1 - Gold

    Level 2 - Green

    Level 3 - Orange

    Level 4 - Purple

    Level 5 - Red

    Level 6 - Blue

    During the current players movement phase, inventory can be checked by using the I key.

    On entering combat, the player will be show the monster that he is battling, with a number that must be met or exceeded to win the battle. Click the ROLL button to roll the dice. If the player has won the battle, the awarded treasure is shown. If the player lost, ROLL must be clicked again to determine the result of the monster's counter-attack. The monster attack chart is shown at the top of the combat screen. Consult the chart to see what the outcome of the monster's attack was. If the monster's attack caused players treasure to be dropped, treasure will be randomly chosen from the players inventory and dropped in the room.

    If the player is in possesion of a +1/+2 magic sword, the bonus is automatically added to combat dice rolls (wizards are not allowed to use magic swords).

    If the player is in possesion of an ESP medallion or crystal ball, the player will have the choice of combating the monster, or leaving the battle by pressing CONTINUE.

    Once a monster has been defeated, a pile of skulls is left to mark the fact that the room has been cleared. Once a room has been cleared, it cannot be revisted.

    Dropped treasure will appear as a stack of gold coins in a room. Click on a dropped treasure icon to shw a list of treasure dropped into the room. Any player may enter the room and attempt to win the dropped treasure located there, no matter who dropped it. Hitting ESC will close the dropped treasure list.

    Wizards differ from other classes in that they can use either melee or spell attacks. When a wizard enters combat, first a screen appears that allows the player to choose either fireball, lighting, or melee attack. Wizards start with 5 fireball and 5 lightning spells. Once these spells have been used up, only melee attacks will be available to the Wizard, there is no replenishing of spells. Some monsters are more vulnerable to certain attack types than others.

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