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  • I have made a Driving game to play with your friends called DriveBy. This is my first ever game so any and all constructive is vary welcome.

    It includes:

    • Single player;

                   - Easy

                   - Medium

                   - Hard

    • 2 Player

    Aim of the game:

    The aim of the game is to get round the track as many times as you can without breaking your car. Try and set the high score and get your name on leader boards and beat your friends

    Play it here:

  • I try to play, but when I select difficulty level and sounds the "engine" sound, nothing happen.

  • Kuso i'm so sorry, i have no idea what that could be what browser are you using ?

  • GauntGames - yeah, sorry, when I go to the game page, I only see a white game screen and hear music. I know that is frustrating, because I bet it works fine for you, right?

  • Same here and it's asking me to log in, perhaps you need to log in to play the game? Using FireFox v19.0.2

  • yeah I'm kinda confused as to what's happening as you say everything is working fine for me :( and some times the white screen thing would happen to me but I would just refresh and it would be fine have you tried refreshing ?

    Nickydude you don't need to login you can login as a guest or just click the 'x' in the login box and play but your score won't get added

  • Nickydude


    I think I might have fixed the problem you where having :) if you don't mind next time you get a second see if you can play :)

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  • Yes, I could play the game, but only after hitting refresh a bunch of times. I always tried to login as Guest, and the first few times, it would play music and just show the Gaunt Games splash screen, but would go no further. Finally, after about 5 screen refreshes, I got to the title screen.

  • I'm sorry . I'm very new, it might have something to do with optimising my code or something I'm literary have no clue :( on how I could solve this, thank you for looking and even attempting to play it though I am 100% greatfull

  • GauntGames - hey, no problem. I know how frustrating it can be when people tell you that your game isn't working correctly, even though it is working fine for yourself. I still don't understand how I can build a game in Construct 2 that works perfectly in my preview browser, but as soon as I upload it to Scirra Arcade, it doesn't work the same way and players think that I made a mistake. Very frustrating.

  • I tried again, but now sounds the music, appear the Gaunt Games logo and... nothing more. I use Chrome.

    Then I use Internet Explorer, and the game goes well, but the music don?t play (normal on this explorer, in my case).

    The game is simple and hard, fun in all cases. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Kuso thanks man I'm glad you find it fun I'm sorry it wont work on chrome I think what you need to do is refresh it happens to me sometimes and I use chrome I don't have a clue in the world why it does this but I hop I will find out later :)

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