Donald Trump in a new game for Android

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  • Youtube: https: // V = gf

    The election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States has caused a viral phenomenon on the internet. You can see the first humorous parodies on Youtube or as I inform you below, one of the first games based on this controversial and new president.

    In this minigame for Android mobile devices, we must prevent intruders from approaching the entrance of our city. To do this, we will kick them and throw them into the air.

    We will have three lives and for each intruder we "kick" we will receive a coin as a score.

    The goal of the game is to beat our own record or that of our friends and see who is able to deport more intruders.

    One more way to give a humorous touch to the news that has already become viral all over the world.

    You can download it free from the Google Play Store: ... onaldtrump

  • Hi are you not afraid that Mr. Trump will take this as an offense and tell google to remove it?

    I searched about this before and saw this

    "It seems a name itself can not be copyright (so you can use their name in a news article for instance), however if you are benefiting from using their name/image then it is a violation of publicity rights."

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  • So all the media, press, tv, youtube, all the applications and games that are currently on google play (+100) also infringe copyright?

    Believe that you do not have a good knowledge of the laws in the use of indie games or inetrnet content.

    Thank you for your warning, but as we told you before, with each job we do, we inform ourselves of what we do.

    A greeting!

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