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    This is my first game being made with Construct 2. I Just want to say that Construct 2 is an awesome tool. This game is physics based, and the goal is to build a path to knock down the Gold Domino. Let me know if you see any bugs or have any suggestions for me. I made all the graphics using Inkscape and Gimp. Please give it a try and please comment. Thanks!

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  • I like the game! I noticed a potential problem on level 4 though. When you place a domino on top of the second set of steps, the placed domino moves and in most cases falls before you run the level. It seems the top of the steps isn't level and the dominoes are moving under gravity - sliding to the right. Is this intentional? I am playing it on Chrome 17.0.963.56.

  • SointulArt No. It seems the physics act pretty weird when using the Minify Script option. Once I unchecked that It worked better. I also switched The collision mask of the Dominoes to Bounding Box. I may have to make the domino objects bigger, not sure.. but it seems to behave better. I have updated the Game in the Chrome web store and I am adding more content as we speak. Thanks!

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