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  • I'd like to extend to you an invitation to play my game Dolph Cyberfin at

    Eventually the ultimate goal for Dolph Cyberfin is to become an example of a web/mobile game that combines the accessibility and ease of use of ?casual? games with the depth and diversity more often associated with ?hardcore? gaming mediums.

    Set in the near future, Dolph Cyberfin is the tale of a derelict half dolphin half robot military sentinel who, after becoming self aware, escapes the confines of the facility in which he was created.

    Players assume the role of Dolph, and must harness Dolph?s skill, strength and wits in order to help Dolph attain his freedom.

    All assets were created by myself. I hope you enjoy the game and look forward to your feedback!

  • I couldn't interact with your website. However I absolutely love the colour, theme and imagery. The valkarie silhouette on the starry sky was stunning.

  • Thank you very much I appreciate that. For the game you actually have to scroll down a bit lol.

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  • Totally crazy game, will play this evening a bit more.

    One thing I don't like is the extreme cat sound it comes to often.

  • You mean the sound from when you beat the cat? Thanks for playing btw.

  • oh, yes. I forgot to mention. The game is insane. It's terrible. But there was something about the game that kept me going. Maybe it's the wacky ideas.

    Rocket chicken, Machine gun squirelle, chainsaw panda.... and of course Doom Unicorn.

    I think with a little more work and longer game. I think this could be a strange success. Good job sir.

  • Thanks.

    I see a lot of games on the web that are artistically beautiful but lack any depth. I didn't wan't to make another Meatboy or angry bird clone I wanted to do something with diversified gameplay. I decided outright that a creating varied elements of the game would make its development more complex and therefore chose to focus on that rather than the visuals. Still even with that and it's short length taken into consideration it was an arduous task. Perhaps someday if I ever get paid to do this sort of thing I will be able to pursue the dream of a webgame app with more depth and perhaps return to Dolph. Until then, for now my next project will most likely be much more simplistic (and polished) in nature.

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