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  • DOWNLOAD NOW: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dlifo/id10 ... &ls=1&mt=8

    Hello everyone, after more than 2 years of development and doing and re-doing the game, its finally here, DLIFO

    a Physic Puzzler created in Construct 2 for the iOS with original gameplay.

    Help get our egg back to the minecart!

    During a mining expedition after years of searching, we finally found the rare golden egg! - but not for long. Suddenly, the the earth began to shake, the ground fell apart, and our treasured prize fell into the darkened caves below. Now it is YOUR duty to bring that egg back!

    DLIFO is a physics puzzler, simple and fun with original gameplay that spans over 100 levels of egg dropping mayhem! Tap the crates to destroy them, and guide the egg back to safety while avoiding the dangers that lurk below.

    you can check a small comic that appear in the game here: http://goo.gl/e0OIy3

    the game mechanic is simple, get the egg into the minecar, how? by tapping!

    the game is in development since the very firts day of construct 2, a lot of love and passion is in the entire design of the game and

    we wanted to bring to our users the best experience possible so we developed every level with care so we

    deliver up to 100 levels for the launch of the game and every update will have many more.

    we hope you guys like the game, its is our firts game to be published by us as a team.

    Cheers and thanks for reading!


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  • Nice game VORTECH . Love the art style.

    I'd like to help you spread it around. I don't have a lot of twitter followers, only around 200 or so, but I will tweet about your game if you want. Any particular message, hastags and link you would like me to use?

  • Hi VIKINGS i am one of the makers of DLIFO and yes it will be amazing if you can share anything about the game, thanks a lot!

  • Glad to help out IJCT .

    Here's how your tweet came out, hope you like it.

    DLIFO physics puzzler with over 100 fun and original levels.


    #gameinsight #iosdev #iTunes #nowplaying #app #indiedev

  • thanks! can you please send me your twitter account so i can follow you?

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