If Divekick Was A Platformer

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  • Hi, I just bought some art assets and decided I'd play about with them for an hour and made It's Nothing Personal, which I describe as feeling a bit like Dive Kick or Mount Your Friends. I think it came out surprisingly well and will probably spend more time on it but would like to see what you guys think. It's a two player game and can be found at scirra.com/arcade/action/6258/its-nothing-personal

    I hope to add:

      A game mode where you can sacrifice a bit of speed for higher jumps or vicaversa A mode where you pick upgrades for your speed/jumps More complex stages, with multiple layers, jump through surfaces and hazards The option to change the amount of lives you start with

    I like the idea of not having traditional menus and keeping everything in gameplay (like the restart button)

    So, thoughts are appreciated. And if you got a chance to check out some of my other prototypes that'd be even better. Thanks,


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  • Wow its pretty good actually

    How much did those assets cost?

  • It was part of a humble bundle thing, definitely worth a look. All in all I donated $10. It ends in 9 hours though open.commonly.cc

    Did you have any other feedback about the game itself?

    Thanks! :D

  • I really like the prototype game, and it would be nice to have a single player experience where the player can choose difficulty settings. Other than that, I think the ideas you have about upgrades and changing map layouts will be a great addition to the game itself. More lives would be nice ;) for such a fast past game.

    Will let you know if anything else comes to mind :)

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