Dinosaur Egg Drop

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  • Another game I made using the awesomeness of Construct. Any ideas for improvement would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Dinosaur Egg Drop

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  • Cute game. I played it all of the way through, and there were two annoying things I noticed:

    1) The Drop button keeps moving from level to level -- and maybe even within levels. Not sure. Anyway, IMO the Drop button should always stay in the same place so player doesn't have to reposition mouse and can keep eyes on the dinosaur. That the button moved around made it seem like you didn't pay as close attention to details as you could. (I would use the same graphic for the drop button on all layouts, too, but that is a matter of preference, and not an annoyance.)

    2) There was not indicator that I saw of what level I was on. It seemed like there was an intermediate screen that flashed by so quickly that I couldn't see it at all, but that might be some annoying flash from switching layouts. I was hoping for something that would always be on the screen saying what the level was.

    Those are pretty minor problems. I liked it!

  • Thanks Kittiewan. The drop button bugged me too and I thought I should have done something about it since it is a simple fix. Not sure if other people have the same issue i have sometimes and that it I get to the point where I JUST WANT TO BE DONE. And then I let the little things slip. I'll certainly fix that and most likely add a Level indicator as well. Thanks for your honest input!

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