Digital' Lovin (Shooter + Dating Sim)

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  • Digital Lovin' is a top-down shooter combined with a dating sim made for the April 2018 Rainbow Jam, and slightly expanded upon for the Queerly Representing Game Jam.

    Play as a hacker named Saph whose goal is to help build new relationships with other cute hackers... by breaking through their defenses and destroying their hacks.

    ...How else are you gonna attract the attention of elusive hacker gays?

    The theme for the game jam was Intentionally Broken; which was applied on two levels within this game.

    • The plot of the game follows the story of a trans-girl hacker intentionally destroying other people's hacks not only to help you build new items, but to help build new relationships with other hackers.
    • A couple of visual and gameplay bugs/mistakes were left within the game; to help set the atmosphere and build new game mechanics around these intentionally left in bugs. (For Example: Invincible Enemy > Stun Ability)

    We hope you enjoy the game we put together, a lot of time and effort went into making this as best as we possibly could! Sadly, due to time constraints and personal issues, a lot of content originally intended to make Digital Lovin' a full-game was cut from the final release. Thankfully, we were able to come back and expand on the Game by adding extra content such as Date Mode and Bad Time Mode; allowing you to take characters on dates and use the bosses's abilities respectively.

    Perhaps in the future if there we see that people want it and see people supporting our projects, we could revisit Digital Lovin' and finally put together a full version of the game? | Gamejolt | Kongregate | Newgrounds | LantixPro Website

    Thank you for playing and checking out our game; we hope you had fun!

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