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  • This is a simple editor for the new dictionary object.

    You start with a key and a value to input. Then you have a button to add a key, and then an export button for when you are done.

    Note: Value is saved as a number, so if you put a string you'll just get zero.

    I've also added a scroll using mouse wheel for when you get more keys than can fit on the screen.


    If people want to do more with this I'll add stuff like web storage etc, but could we get a download prompt pop up, or similar added?

    Even a way to get the url would be fine.

  • Nice work. Unfortunately the current system is as good as I can get - there's really no way for a Javascript-generated file to be downloaded, without first uploading it to a server or using Flash. I might be able to improve it in Chrome, but it has to stay as it is for other browsers.

  • Ok gotcha.

    I took a look at Pode's File save plug, and it does just about the same, So I'll stick to the Dictionary action.

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  • Update:

    Added web storage.

    Save, load, new, etc.

    Works fine in FireFox, goofy as hell in Chrome, and Ie does not activate save dialog on right click.

    Not sure if I should laugh, or cry.

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