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  • Had a little bit of time today so I thought I'll make a dice roller program.

    DiceRoller capx

    DiceRoller online ver.

    Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

    If you have any tips on how to make it better I would love to hear them. Or if you like to see functions added to it let me know.

  • very nice,

    multiples, like 2d4 + 1d12 would be good for roles involving modifiers...oops, let my geek sip out.

  • Hey maxum. Looks pretty cool. Wich behavior did you installed. capx doesn�t run without it.

  • Thanks harrio,

    I am adding the multiples in. It should be done soon when I get some free time to play with it.

  • Hi TastyBytes,

    Glad you like it so far. Still have more work to do on it. If there is anything you like to see in it let me know.

    The Behavior/plugin I think is rexrainbow's


    rexrainbow does great work. The only think I like to see is the he change the names in the program from just Rotate to rex-Rotate so you know it is his you are working with, Because Construct 2 already has a Rotate.

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  • Hi harrio,

    Here is the updated program so you can have Primary and Secondary dice.

    Dice Roller capx file.

    Dice Roller On-line ver.

    If you see any problems let me know.

  • Maxum

    do you 'need' two radial buttons to do it? can you make the first selected one primary and any other secondary? i have not looked at the capx, but i don't think this would be hard, unless you have a reason i just don't know or understand.

    other than that, it works great. just could be 'cleaner'.

  • Maxum

    accidentally found a bug; if you pick the secondary of any die first, then also pick it's same primary, then unselect the secondary, the roll button disappears.

  • Hi harrio,

    I have updated my Dice Roller program. I now use the ComboBox plugin for the input. It is a much cleaner way to do it.

    Here are the new links:

    Dice Roller capx

    Dice Roller online ver.

    To all you guys let me know if you find a problem or like to see something added to it.

  • Maxum,

    very nice sir. much cleaner. i really like that the dice graphic changes as you scroll the choices as well.

    found one bug so far. choose the first die. then choose second. press roll. once you have a result, change the second to 'none' and press roll again. it still rolls the last die setting on the second die. should be easy to fix.

    great progress.

  • Maxum,

    just figured out that last bug. if you set the second die to 'none' but you don't change the 'number of rolls' it will continue to roll. so whenever the secondary is set to none, just make the 'number of rolls' default to zero, and that will fix it.

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