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  • Diablo-Man loves the warm and silent underworld.

    But now it's time to clean up the rooms!

    Too many annoying ghosts have entered the place and make a fuss.

    Collect as many treasures as possible but avoid the traps!

    And kill all ghosts in the rooms to proceed to the next.

    play the alpha (more levels to come...)

  • Hello, I inform you of a small error when the character turns around.

    The graphics are very good, the shot is strange, sometimes I can not keep shooting and when I move a bit, then I can shoot again.

  • Thank you! I'll fix this.

    A torch enables also shooting (while overlapping it).

    This is for the situation all coins are gone but still ghosts there.

    (You have to kill all ghosts the get the exit key)

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  • Nice game! One thing I didn't like was the slight delay in attacking i.e. waiting for the animation to finish before firing projectile, it would be better if it was instant because reaching the enemies at the top of the screen is a nightmare.

    Also the limited number of projectiles wasn't immediately obvious maybe because of HUD position but I thought a nice trick could be to have his trident on fire when you have bullets remaining.

  • Thank you (all) for your support! I appreciate this.

    I played with the attacking/animation and hope found a siutable solution?

    The idea to add a fireball-ammo is great - it' already implemented - what do you think?

    The game is now way more easy to win ... at the first level :)

    The later level will become more challenging. Now there are three level available.

  • Haha! Nice one, they were just suggestions, I didn't expect them to be implemented :D I think it's looking better now. Also maybe think about adding WASD keys for movement? (additional to arrow keys), I tend to go for WASD to move by default and others may too.

  • Check it out - please (i don't use WASD - left handed :))

  • Cool, nice job :)

  • Update...

    A new level is online

    + you can now continue to the last started level

    + ESC quit's the level to the menu

  • Hi mercuryus !

    Played your game yesterday (didn't see new level), and it's pretty nice. :) The game is challenging, even though I find it a bit unbalanced between the harmless ennemies, and deadly spikes. x)

    Graphics are good too! For some reason I particularly like the flame on the staff before we shoot. There are some controls bugs (I sometime fell through bridges without knowing why), but it doesn't feel like it's incapacitating.

    Another point : The fact we must get "coins" to load our shoot feels strange. Maybe you should change the coins appearance or authorize a sequence of shoot before reload?

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll try next level soon. :)

  • For some reason I particularly like the flame on the staff before we shoot.

    You're welcome xD

  • Thanks for the suggestions and new ideas.

    Now the ammo are skulls - maybe they make more sense?

    The level are played - like in PAC-MAN one after the other.

    There are four levels now to play.

    If you exit one (kill all ghosts->get exit key->goto door->next level) you enter the next.

    Or is there a problem on your side with the level changing? Please report!

    The spikes are now not that 'killing' :)

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