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  • About us:

    We are a newly founded indie game development team from Zagreb, Croatia. The team is made of 6 young members, all very passionate about making video games. Each and every member of the team is a gamer, and while we all may have different tastes in which video games we like, we know why we love them and what makes them special to us. That's why we hope to make games that will have the same effect on other players as they did to us. Making it big in the video game industry is also our dream and we are working very hard to make that dream come true, starting with our first game, Elders: No Teeth No Problems.

    Our goal as game developers is to create high quality games, games with gripping stories which many people will enjoy and hopefully, love playing. Getting you immersed in the worlds we create, evoke feelings of happiness, sadness or even anger, getting you to care for the characters we make and remembering them years after you finished the game, that is our true dream. But most importantly, we want you to have fun while doing so.

    The game:

    Elders: No Teeth No Problems is a 2D Tower Defense game with action elements, the engine it�s being worked on is Construct 2. It�s still currently under development so I can�t really give too much information about it yet but we will keep this post updated and inform you about our first game.

    Sadly I cannot post links yet, so once I am able to do so, you can be sure that I will do it immediately. So the only way to see anything about our game is to see it on our Facebook page whose link you can find in my account. Again, I'm very sorry for this.

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  • Sounds great!

    You may not be able to post links yet, but you should still be able to post URLs. Ex: dropbox [dot] com/your-link-here.html. Or, you may post a beta version of the game on the Scirra arcade, and users here can easily search for it.

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