A Desert Challenge (RTS alpha)

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  • Hi all. I discovered Construct2 a couple weeks back and have been learning a lot. I decided (stupidly?) to try to create a Real Time Strategy game first. My first alpha version is linked below. I hope some people find it interesting.

    A Desert Challenge

    I should also note that there are a large amount of bugs that I still need to get rid of and the AI is very very basic at this point - the enemy has a couple patrol routes. I just decided to post my progress so far.

    I also recommend that you read the instructions within the game as there are helpful controls which will make killing the AI easy. One thing that's not documented is that if you have any units deselected, they will attack nearby enemies automatically - so be aware of that.

    Thank you to the creators of this wonderful tool. I've attempted Flash game programming before and have made way way way more progress with Construct2 and HTML5.


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  • I'd say your making great progress thus far. Very fun!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • dropbox link has expired - should've used github :-)

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