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    Its a game I completed way back in 2011 when depressed, working a monotonous job at a manufacturing company for packaging solutions.

    I had it in the old arcade and Ive reposted it in the new, since I don't want it to go away. It has alot of personal value to me, being the only thing that kept me out of depression for that period of my life.

    Regards PA Larsson

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  • I remember playing it on the old arcade!

    My only real complain with it is that it is almost playable with a touchscreen but not quite (unless that is also true that you can't just drag it with the mouse and have to click around until it works, I know that touchscreen for web games is not yet a standard but for a game like I see it pretty much fits). And it is quite repetitive (different sizes perhaps?).

    While as a game, it is pretty much ... weak, I can see that being a minigame in a sokoban (since sokoban is about moving packages to designed spaces... I guess that could work out, and yes I have that weird sokoban obsession too).

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