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  • This game is a dedication to my previous co-workers, so be aware that the game is more of a work-inspired game, then something very creative ;D

    I worked at a packaging-factory making plywood and wooden board constructions.

    I post it here so i can get beta-testers and in the future maybe upload it on the Schirra Arcade.

    The game is loaded from my Dropbox, so if delay, its prob. cause i downloa/upload/play HoN ;D


  • Nice game, i think nails limit can be good ideal, when you run out of nails, you have to shoot again :)

  • Ive tried that or at least thought about it, but i find it not fitting for the arcade-style im looking for. But thanks anyway.

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  • I take it the game was not too good ;D, since no comments.

    I was going to use the constructive critisism to make it better, futile effort ;D

  • I like this one myself. It's totally unique and gives some idea of a particular type of work/job. Plus your style and execution is great.

  • It's good, better than I expected to be (from reading your decription).

    It could be improved, than there's a question if it's worth it. You could add lots of things to make it more fun, challenging, but in the end it'll be always a game about making wooden boards, which doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I believe it can have extra value for your co-workers and for that I think it's good enough as it is. I don't wanna discourage you, just my opinion.

    I've made 3 boards in a minute, is it possible to make it in real?

  • Still no bashing ;D oh well.

    A friend of mine said some things that i will correct before ill release it on the arcade and to my co-workers.

    • Better Tutorial
    • Seconds counting down from 60 then counting up to 60.

    To Noga: No that is not even slightly possible ;D

    Also i have some wonders about the sound buffering, but i will post it on another

    more appropriate forum.

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