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  • Hey! Thought i'd share my project called Deluso.

    Deluso started out as a prototype, where the element of sound was thoroughly experimented with. After several iterations, it evolved to something special. This is my current main project, where the player takes control of a girl lost in a strange land, soon to discover great powers. With beautiful visuals, stunning sound and some nifty gameplay mechanics, this title will offer a complete experience.

    Read more about the project here, or click my signature :)

    *Update 1*

    Removed the old information, regarding the prototype version of the game. In time i will update this thread, providing new images, trailers and demos. The game itself has undergone a huge facelift, with some crucial changes to the core of the game. Information coming soon!

    *Update 2*

    Deluso was featured among the most promising indie-games currently in development at Norways biggest gaming convention! This is an arrangement like E3 and PAX, just at a smaller scale. You can read more about it here!

  • nice game but a small question am i the only one who playing a different game?? because im playing another game called lost oxide...

  • Oh, sorry! I copied the wrong link :( Updated now!

  • i liked the game really nice but i stucked after i saw the little friend i moved and took the bridge or the stick and then i stucked i can't jump :)

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  • It ended for me after we fell off the ravine, new scene loaded in caverns underneat, friend ran off ahead of me and went to black. Is that it so far?

    I like it. I just played another dual control platformer like this. I ended up letting my daughter control one though, was fun.

    Rain sound bugged. It's a close mic'd sample with very detailed concrete or flat surface splattering. I would opt for a rain loop with no reflective sounds, more of an open field quality ( at least for the duration where you are in that open field) which has air density, but none of the plik-plak'ing your in-game loop does. So the atmosphere was nice, good piano tracks. I would try either footstep sounds or getting your characters some living audio. A grunt for a landed jump, a "hup" for a jump, and a good "whoa!" for those moments that require it (the ground shifting, the big ravine jump, etc) all from randomized pools. Would love to hear some audio from your strange partner, even if it only mystifies his true nature even more.

    Good job, would love to see more.

  • The atmosphere is individual. I have not so good framerates, I feel it 10-20Fps. I suggest you to place not so tall objects in the very first layer what is blured, cause sometimes I can not see the main surface because of them (mainly problem in mid of the 1st level, before the bridge).

    Unfortunately I cant find a way to go after the bridge... :(

    I have also got some glithecs in rain sound, agree with TPorter64 about it.

    I did not saw any dual controller games before, really like it! I think its could be a good, very special feeling game if you tune it...

  • Epox , try to use google chrome it will be the best preview for the most of the games ^^ i have a game has only 10-15 fps on firefox while in chrome it has 60fps

  • zsangerous unfortunately I use Chrome 19, and get the low fps on it. :(

    I've tested the normal version, maybe the raining takes too much cup power? (I'm in Dual Core 3GHz, 4GB RAM, Win7)

    I managed to jump trought the bridge withh 2 characters, so can jump up with the little friend, and push the box down. Unfortunately after some bang and enemies came, so my little friend falled down again in an another area. I do not know how to recover him... :(

  • Epox

    about the game i have no idea how to complete after the bridge im in the same place ^^

    about chrome i'm almost using the same things you have and got very good fps i think 60

  • Hmm thats interesting, but most likely my bad. I may have forgotten to have a tutorial pop-up when near the little creature (you're supposed to use the rope u get from the bridge, and get the creature up from the hole) :)

    I'll update it. TPorter64, thanks for the detailed feedback, i'll keep work on the sound :)

  • +1

    That was aesthetically fun to play...


  • damn i have a train to catch and i just clicked play!!, finally a good game ! ill look into it for sure when i come back

  • Thanks alot for the comments :) I'll be updating the build very soon, to fix some bugs, and make things easier to understand.

  • I played it but I don't know what to do after the bridge.

    The game looks really nice, congratz.

  • Wow, first, that was awesome. The game surelly will have more polish in the next versions, but there?s a strong concept in the game already.

    Some suggestions:

    • Make the transitions between actions smoother. I deduce you will make animations for more actions, like the starting scene where the boy is stuck in the branch.
    • More details! I loved how it doesn?t rain below the trees. Those details adds to the already great atmosphere.
    • Make the speed of both the boy and his little friend close to each other. A lot of times I would have the little friend running too fast.
    • Make them more unique in color. The silhouette is fantastic(I myself would make the eyes of the little friend smaller) but I?ve became confused some times.
    • The start puzzle is a bit confusing. I could control the little friend, but couldn?t get out of the hole. So I tought it was a bug. Then I?ve found the rope. Maybe investing the order would make this puzzle clearer.
    • Running - The first time the little alien creatures where running after me I was caught of guard. After a while it became very silly, as the creatures are kind of cute. I suggest you to use something really big and scary here, just one time, cutting the level short(remember the spider from limbo).

    Congratulations on the game, this gives me hope to pursue bigger projects inside Construct instead of Unity ;]

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