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  • My first small game in collaboration with talented artist Samantha Ong, "Defense: Evolution", is out on Google Play and, despite being a "minimalist" type of game, working with a real artist definitely made a huge difference in the final result.

    "Defense: Evolution" is a game inspired by Conway's "Game of Life" that turns the original set of mathematical rules into a simple game with elements of tower defense/rts games.

    You can get it here:

    The iOS version is on the way as well (it has been "waiting for review" on the AppStore for ages already...). Anyway, even if the game runs on both phones and tablets, the latter are recommended due to the larger screen, otherwise it may be a bit tricky to touch the individual grid elements and place your units in the game.

    Cheers and let me know if you like it!

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  • Bravery! Someone turned Conway's game of life into a game. I hope people get interested in this. It's free even! Must wait until gf gets back so I can download and play it.

  • Thanks!

    But I am not the first one who tries to do this: back in the day, there was a rather obscure game for the C64 published by Spinnaker in 1983 named "Cosmic Life". This was a 2 players game where each player had to place some "digi bugs" and see them evolve, with the winner being the player who had the most digi-bugs around after a predefined number of days (i.e. generations).

    I hope my game is more fun, though!

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