Decepticide - A survival action suspense metroidvania

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  • Hi all,

    I just finished my entry to the Construct 2 deception gamejam and thought I'd post it here too if anyone is interested. I designed it to have a similar feel to the old biohazard games but in 2d and plants instead of zombies.

    You can find it here:

    It's a late night in the lab, you rub your dry eyes just before you set off for home and the alarm sounds. You grab the gun in the security cabinet and head out to see what happened.


    Z to roll

    A to reload

    S to use medpack (can be used while aiming)

    X to draw gun + UP/DOWN to aim

    C while aiming to shoot

    D when you hear a ding and ! appears in the top right to inspect/use.

    Y in the main menu to start game

    I wanted it similar to a NES game in that the game from start to end takes roughly 15 minutes. it's tough but if you pay attention you'll find out the weaknesses and giveaways of each enemy and feels good once you finally beat it.

    My first game ever, so I hope you like it!

  • I like it. It reminds me of Resident Evil. The character sprite looks good, but some of the environment sprites are to simpel.

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  • Nice game, but the controls take's a bit getting used to, once i got the hang of it it played quite well.

  • Thanks guys glad you like it.

    mrnannings yeah not everything is as detailed as I wanted it to be but doing it all from scratch in my spare time was really tough and I had to make some cutbacks. If it's liked though maybe I'll make a sequel and up the detail. Glad it's like resident evil though, exactly what I was going for.

    tunepunk thanks yeah I've heard that about the controls a few times but I'm not sure how to ease people in other then starting it off slow like I did, but I'm glad it clicks once you get used to them.

  • The thing i would try is to change the keybidings probably. Moving with wasd feels more natural for me and then aiming up down with up & down arrow maybe? That's just my preference or what I'm used to, so maybe you can add an options menu with "reversed" keybindings? I would suggest trying some different setups with people to see which feels more natural. otherwise... nice game.

    Best suggestion would probably be to make the draw gun a "toggle switch" instead of having to hold it... for less fingertwisting.

    Reversed Control suggestions:

    WASD movement (A&S) Can alternatevly be used as aiming as well as up down arrow.

    Make draw gun a toggle switch using (F) for less fingertwisting. or use (LEFT SHIFT)

    Fire - (Enter)

    Reload (R)

    Medpack (C or R Shift)

    Roll (R Ctrl)

    (Space) when you hear a ding and ! appears in the top right to inspect/use.

  • That's a really good idea, I'm left handed on the computer so the way I did it felt natural to me but I didn't even think of right handed players or even just preference. A big oversight but I guess my first game can't be perfect . If I get the time in the future though I might try making that alternate control scheme to give more choice to the player. At the moment I'm going all in squashing bugs before the competition date ends.

    Thanks for tips it'll definitely help in the future to think of control schemes, for this and if I make any other games

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