Death Colors (+ an offer)

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  • Hello everyone, how is it going?

    Well, I finished my game today. It's very simple. It needs some improvements if I ever want to make this idea into a big game (better interface, options menu, and so on), but it's just a idea for now.

    You can find the game here. It's a twin-stick shooter that will test your reflexes.

    My offer is that if people like the game, I could make a detailed video (or tutorial, depends on what media you prefer) on how I made this game, step-by-step. This game has a x-box controller support and achievements (with the plugin).

    I learned so much making this game that I thought it would be a great idea to share what I learned. But only if you guys are interested.

    That's it. I hope you enjoy my little game. Survive!

  • Nice and fluid gameplay with simple graphics. Plays nice on the XBOX controller. There is a bug though, the enemies lack collision during the first moments of gameplay. Is that normal?

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  • I've seen this behavior before and it's not intended, but I couldn't find a way at the time to fix it. I'll try to fix that when I begin making a more elaborate version of the game. But for now, I'm working in another project.

    Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

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