Deadspace: the darkness

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  • hi guys ^^, this game is demo version made for HBgames contest with construct2 free edition... i made it about 8 days, just show ya the power of construct 2.

    this game is too large to upload on Scirra Arcade, i can't do anythings with it.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Play this game here : ( Use IE9 or google chrome for best performance)

    ( Upgrading game )

    ( don't forget to turn on volume a bit louder)

    Control :

    Use A and D to move

    Hold "S" to aim with mouse, "Space" to shoot.

    Hold "W" to use stasis (power)

    Hold left mouse clicked on object to move them and release mouse click to drop it.

    If you see enemy, just aim to the claw to cut off his limb, or aim to the leg to cut them off.

    I'm planning to make more level with full version of consrtuct, too in love with deadspace ^^.

  • Pretty cool man!! Though I think you should've added more than just one enemy. Also I noticed the player can't shoot from left to right, is that a bug or you really just ran out of events?

    The graphics and ambiance are great, but I think you should move up his knees a little bit.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Great work anyway

  • Maaaan! This is what I'm talking about. Really impressive. I will be the first to ask how did you create that atmosphere ? I mean the light (or darkness) is just perfect!

    I'm waiting for the version with more levels and stuff. Man, you scared me with your game. I refused to play Dead Space on XBOX or PS3 because I'm too scared but your game rocks!

    Good job! Please, feel free to try also my game "This is Cute!" and tell me what you think about it.

  • thank you for your comments, guys !

    murilokleine : yeah, player can't shoot from left to right because i want to save some events ^^, and it's not a bugs. thank for your advice about a knees. Enemy took me a lot of events when creating it...

    anthonykojima: haha, i never ever finish deadspace 1 because i'm too scared when play it on my pc with headphone , but deadspace 2 is just perfect, so i can finished it 3 times , so good... :))

    About the light and darkness: i Created 2 layout, 1 call "mainlayout" with player, enemy, background, etc... And second call " light", and put layout "light" on top, draw some light and blur + alpha it add the Effect "destination out" in properties. Layout "light" have background is Black and transparent is " No" . And you will have a light in the dark ... Cheers.

    I'm playing your ThisIsCute! ^^, i love cute things since that deadspace .

  • um you do realize that EA will sue your bumper off. But on the other hand looks nice. You should try to sell it to them.

  • :)) haha, i'm not sure they will buy it, cause they can do it a thousand times better than me... i can sell this game only when i convert my games to APPstore for iphone and android with full version.

  • :)) haha, i'm not sure they will buy it, cause they can do it a thousand times better than me... i can sell this game only when i convert my games to APPstore for iphone and android with full version.

    Unfortunately you won't be able to sell this game as-is without permission from EA, as it contains copyright "intellectual property" material from DeadSpace/EA. However, you could use the same engine and new graphics/story/anything-else-from-DeadSpace and sell that instead.

    Very cool work though <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • oh yeah, i'm forget about that T-T.

    thank you jayjay.

  • Impressive work, how did you do that lighting? It's amazing to watch.

    Only downside for me is, it's incredibly laggy. I'm playing on a relatevly good Laptop with newest firefox installed.

    I'll try it again when I get home. See what it is like to acctually PLAY the game!

    If you got the time, do check out my game aswell KillSlay ZombieDie (It's not near 100%, but it's only made with the Free Edition, and I ran out of actions...)

  • thank you, but now i'm upgrading my game for HBgame rule, wait a minutes i'll post my game here. ( fixing some bugs ). You play game with Chrome and IE9 for best performance, firefox does not support HTML5 as good as chrome, i think T-T.

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  • Jonsterz: the game upgraded ^^ enjoy my friend.

    And your game is really good, but you need to change a character and animation if you can, maybe enemy too. But it's still a great game because you made it with free edition , buy construct my friend, this tool will not let you down. Cheer !

  • changed background of the game...

  • Nicely done.   :)

    I was thinking of switching to that lighting method on my recent project. I'm using a realtime tile lighting method that I came up with, but I think the method you're using is easier on the cpu. Then I can devote the free cpu to other things, heh.

  • Not bad. I fell into a hold at some point and never died. ;)

  • :)) yeah, you never die in this game, i made the game about to show some c2 effect, physic etc...

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