Dawn of the Red - Beta

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  • Game updated - added game tips at game over screen.

  • Good gameplay! Nice atmosphere. Music is good. Super idea with the cooling effect: your particles look realistic.

    • The red laser should be more spectacular, also when projectiles hit the wall, I would add yellow color for burning to create that welding-sparks look.
    • Enemies should be more detailed, it will be enough if you animate the red spheres to become red-boiling plasma filled with explosive energy to be released upon contact.

    HUD: what happens if you put the HUD outside of the game-area? Does the framerate go down?

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  • mercy

    Thanks for trying it out!

    Regarding the laser, how would you make it more spectacular? Also yellow particles are unfortunately a no-no. To complete the game's atmosphere, it is entirely monochromatic and any yellow particles would be out of place.

    Regarding the enemies: I am not an artist. I am very, very bad at animating, and chose the game based off my abilities. I wouldn't really be able to pull of what you said.

    Regarding the HUD: What do you mean? also you can press shift to hide the HUD (turn the layer to zero opacity).

    EDIT: also, how long did you play? to get up to level 6 should be quite difficult...

    Maybe I need to make it a bit harder to activate the lift?

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