Our Darker Purpose has launched on Steam!

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  • We've run into a few issues with Windows 8 not working consistently and haven't really been able to remedy the issue. Similarly Linux and Mac exports have not worked smoothly for us (plus there's the huge red flag of having all the assets/files unzippable and easily edited)

    The Steam publishing process has been fairly straightforward though since we haven't been able to do any Steamworks integration. Waiting to hear back from Ashley still.

  • I was able to play on my Win 8 machine for a bit yesterday without any noticeable issues if that helps.

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  • Thanks clrammer. Yea, it's been really inconsistent with when it works and when it doesn't work (e.g., it worked on all three Win8 machines we tested personally) so it's hard to troubleshoot when it only fails for someone else.

  • Has being on the short-list of specials over the weekend increased your volume at all? (if you prefer not to divulge I understand)

  • In general our sales curves have reflected those of other games we've seen (e.g. the charts on Pixel Prospector). I'm sure front page and the launch discount have helped sales. :)

  • AvidlyWildGames

    I noticed there a long day for the game to load. For me it's about 1 to 2 minutes. I heard others around 5.

    During play I get an occasional Garbage Collection pause or at least that what it feels like.

    The game is sooooo freaking hard.

    If I may make one suggestion. I know that the period classes system is the only persistent element. But it would be great if leveling did offer a small persistent bonus too. But that's just me. Leveling feels of very little worth when there are some fab champion items.

    Otherwise great game, well made. I'm glad to see such a well done game in C2. Gives more weight when talking to people that C2 is a good choice for 2D games :) you all rock at AWG

  • Thanks for the great suggestions.

    I think part of the startup load time is because it is loading every single image in the game once on a load layout (only way we could figure out how to load objects by name later since C2 doesn't seem to support it by default). Definitely open to alternatives. :) We are looking at how difficult it would be embed every single room as code within the game rather than as txt files.. but that's a pretty monstrous task with over 600 rooms. However, we obviously can't have people taking 5 minutes to open our game..

  • Oh also, FYI we can't respond to direct messages since we don't have enough rep.. lol. Sorry!

  • It's really cool to see such a nice project being made in Construct 2! I will buy it and play it soon :)

  • Well done AvidlyWildGames, I was getting worried that I would run into some issue that I couldn't integrate the Steam API with our Node-Webkit EXE's, or that there might be other issues with getting our games on Steam. So thank you for paving the road!!

    Out of respect I would like to buy your new game, but i'm bogged down with alot of work and i'm not sure if I have any time to play it at this stage..

    Thanks again for the good news, I wish you prosperity and continued success with all your games!

  • Our Darker Purpose is on TotalBiscuits review

  • congrats on a well-made game

  • I'm definitely going to check this out

  • Hi, I was just curious as I have my own game on greenlight, how easy or hard it was to integrate the base game without any steamworks extras into the steamworks overlay to sell the game on steam. Is it something where i will need knowledge on a different coding language etc to do it, if my only current experience is with C2?

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