Our Darker Purpose has launched on Steam!

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  • Hey guys,

    We've been working on this for quite some time and wanted to share some of the amazing stuff we've been able to do with Construct 2 as first-time game devs. We started teaching ourselves C2 back in the spring, put together an awesome team of artists and animators, and got funded via Kickstarter in June. Last week our game was approved in Steam's Greenlight process!

    Greenlight Gameplay Trailer


    As you can see, Our Darker Purpose is a procedurally generated, top-down, action RPG, steeped in influences ranging from A Link to the Past to The Binding of Isaac to Don't Starve. You play as Cordy, an eight-year old orphan, fighting to survive against feral classmates and other dangerous creatures, as she ascends to the Administrators's offices atop the Edgewood Home for Lost Children.

    Now that we're Greenlit, we're looking for some help in integrating our game with a lot of the Steamworks API. This includes achievements/stats and possible other additions to be discussed. Please shoot us a PM if you are interested!


    Edit: We've finally launched on Steam! Check us out here:


    Launch trailer:


  • Congratulations! This is really fantastic for you guys and neat for C2!

    I hope the rest of production goes well and your launch is great!

  • That games looks amazing. Looking forward to the game to be out :)

  • Very cool, if you are able to integrate the steam API into your game, please let us know. I've been wondering for a while if someone would pull it off.   :)

  • I loved the graphics and action demoed in the video. Good luck with this great game!

  • Loving the darkly sweet art style! Congrats on getting funded!

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  • very well done :)

  • Congrats :)

  • AvidlyWildGames, Just saw your game is available and on sale! Are you guys the first Construct 2 game to actually be available on Steam?

  • Very nice :) Saw your game on Steam today and set it on my wishlist.

  • Well the company got my sale :)

    Love the fact the game is done in C2. Good job AG

  • Thanks for the support guys! We're super excited to be on Steam!

    (Fingers crossed that Ashley will add a Steamworks plugin in the near future as we're getting a lot of feedback about the lack of Steam achievements even though we have non-Steam achievements in the game)

  • Congrats! Love the art style and concept.

  • Excellent work! Buying it now :)

  • it would be great to hear your experience with the Steam publishing process and what kind of feedback you've been getting from users trying to launch a node-webkit based game from Steam (anyone having compatibility problems or anything?)

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