Dark Ages [Spatial Roguelike RTS]

  • Hello,

    I would like to present a game, which development started around 2016/2017 and was interrupted because of time. Nowadays I try to finish my projects done with Construct 2 (the first one being Ultimate Barbarian https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-2/your-construct-2-creations-23/ultimate-barbarian-action-rpg-133699?kws=ultimate%2bbarbarian, available on Itch.io). There are four games in total and will progressively be released.

    Dark Ages

    It's a small spatial roguelike where the player pilots a ship in a top down view with kind of RTS controls. Playing the role of a former imperial captain that became rogue and embraced piracy, he must run away from a criminal organization to whom he stole a ship. This runaway happens whilst following a quest revealed during a dream in which he saw a sacred planet he has to find in order to take his retreat and find peace among the stars.


    • Dozens of solar systems to explore in a procedural generated star sector
    • Planets to survey through dialogs by sending an exploration team
    • Ships, fleets and stations to encounter, interact with or fight
    • Several human and alien factions waging war
    • Tactical spatial battles with multiple ship class and weapons with lots of effects
    • Possibility to board and capture enemy vessels by sending boarding teams
    • A legendary pirate faction hunting for the player through the game

    Some screenshots :


  • Wow looks awesome, can't wait to play it.

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  • KnivetonStudios, thank you ! It's a small game inspired by old school space battle titles and more recent like FTL and the awesome Starsector, though it doesn't pretend to be as well crafted than those ones. The goal is to make battles look nice and dangerous, to give freedom for exploration and decision and to make the player feels like a tactician when he managed to board an enemy ship in the middle of a fight then jump out to secure. These kind of things.

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