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    I'm starting a new project this week. I'll be updating the devlog of whatever I do here and on Tumblr, where I set pretty much all the stuff I'll need for the development. :D

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    I've attendet to enough jams to say latelly they're still being fun, but nothing is getting accomplished only by making jam games that are barelly even finished, so I wanted to make something a little bit more long-term. By long term I mean... around 6 to 8 months I suppose. (I hope it doesn't go much further than this)

    I've conceived the idea last week. First off with mechanics, Sketched a few characters, wrote a good part of the story, made the map, player track and a few boss mechanics.

    Maybe some of you will boo me (or hopefully not) but the game will be a Metroidvania. I know... it's being a little bit overused, but hey... As I grew up my favorite game was always Castlevania Symphony of the Night, so this is where I'm going for. Big map, nothing procedural, secret rooms, fully explorable, but harder. The game's also going to have a humorous side. I can't take anything TOO seriously, so I thought I'd not fight that side of me and just get it along with the theme.

    I'll post some sketches, images, ideas, stories... anything I think wouldn't spoil the actual game. :D (That said, don't get mad if I don't get in details about some stuff or another)


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    General Sketches~

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    Bartholomeus is a Shadowcaster, he's an ancient remnant of vampires that closely resemble gargoyles.Pitch: Pitch is a Halfbred. Something you could imagine as being the exact MIDDLE of a human turning to a werewolf, and suddenly the transformation stops. She still has the charm and mind of a girl, but the strength and relentlessness of a werewolf.Adrian Brandmont: Adrian is from a long lineage of Demon Hunters, the Brandmont clan. He's the chosen one to look after the abnomalities of the Last Eclipse.

    The current build of the map~

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    The Castle is pretty much all set up and every room has its purpose already! It's passive of changes, but then again, everything else is, until it's actually finished.

    Mechanics: Think of Curse of the Bastards as a child of Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Megaman X's. You'll choose your character as soon as the game intro is over. Bartholomeus is much like Alucard + Megaman X. His special move will turn him to a Shadowform creature, who's going to have core mechanics thought specifically for this. His regular attacks are going to be shadow bolts, his sub-weapon (unlike castlevania, you're not picking up knifes, axes and such) is a shadowblade, a single hit attack that may be upgraded. Many mechanics will be unlocked through the game, so I don't wanna spoil much more, so you'll just have to wait. Pitch is the seccond choice of character. She's somewhat Richter + Zero. She's a melee character who can combo her attacks. Most of her habilities will be mobility-focused. Her special attack will allow her more Lupine-like movements, such as wall-jumping, charged strikes, berzerk and so on. I can't tell much more around her mechanics because she's a pretty simple character. Her subweapon is a chain attack, and like Bartholomeus, you can upgrade it.

    The bosses will be arcade-like. They repeat a series of patterns until you understand how it works and leave out certain sweetspots for you to hit. I have already 8 or 9 bosses with written mechanics. Then again, the game's not suppose to be easy.There will be no equipments. I know this is a turndown, but I have to work within my limitations aswell... You can upgrade damage, attack speed, range and a variety of other things, but you can't equip better GEAR. That just doesn't exist. MAYBE if I get the hang of it during the developing process I can shoot in something, but it's not in the design. (though I'm probably making your character appearance change based on amount of upgrades at a certain atribute)The 'Metroidvania' vein of the game is suppose to be on backtrack, wich is annoying because of the monsters, but totally awesome in many other levels. I expect people to get in a spot where they just don't know where to go and suddenly remember that strange door they passed by sometime during their run.

  • Good luck. Please keep us posted, it looks cool so far.

  • Amazing 2D sketches! Goodluck with that very promising project!!! :)

  • Awesome! Also Castlevania Symphony of Night is my favorite game of all time.

  • I'm glad you guys like it! :D It's really starting to take shape! If you wanna see a little more about the whole development process check the Devlog!

  • your 2d graphic is amazing!!

    I can't wait to see more :#

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  • LemonDROP OUTSTANDING!!!! I so can't wait to see this in action. Your art is fantastic! Have fun with the development and good luck!!

  • LemonDROP

    Great graphic skills. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    What program did you use for the The Undefeated animation ?

  • Thanks! :D His animation was put together with spriter! I rendered it and exported with the frame and stuff. :)

  • I'm resuming the development of Curse of the Bastards after a little while in pause!

    My first worry after the game cooled down for a while was rework the art with the things and tools I learned and developed these last few months. The animations now should run alot smoother! I'll update stuff as it goes! Smiley

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please, let me know!

  • The character designs are great! I'd love to see those animations, how about a gif?

  • I want to see gfycat animation :3

    looks so pretty i.i

  • This looks like it will be great. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  • Hahah thanks for the feedback guys! =DD I do actually have some animations! I'll just take some time to upload them and I'll post them here!

    Here's a little update on what happened the first half of this year that got me and CotB down for a while!

    Just made a new devlog entry explaining what happened and expressing how the game development should go from now on! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> ... everything

    Devlog #7 - The remake of… Everything!

    Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last update here, so let’s line up the ducks and pick up where we left off: Through these last months of inactivity I worked on many smaller jobs since I had financial problems pretty much all of the first half of 2014, so Curse of the Bastards had no choice but to wait in shadows. As time went by I learned alot about my own style, I managed to focus on my art and even developed some interesting palettes and animation techniques.

    How that sums up ? Well, in the spawn of a few months I evolved my work to a point where I don’t feel like the old sprites are that cool anymore. Some of them lack concept or are just plain confusing, so I’m going to remake all the sprites.

    NOW? - You ask me,

    No, not now. I’m going to list my priorities and work base to top. The characters are awesome to call attention, but they won’t be implemented so far, so I might aswell keep the old sprites as concepts/previews. The only one I need right now is Bartholomeus because he’s going to be the Main Character (alongside Pitch, but I can program with one or the other and he’s already done).

    SO ? What happens ?

    Simple! My good friend Pedro Medeiros introduced me to a cool tool called Licecap, if you don’t know it you should totally look it up. What it does is it takes a piece of your desktop and turns it to a gif. That way I can update the Devlog even if I’m just programming, showing you guys how animations are working ingame, or the speed/flow of everything.

    How frequent will be the devlog updates ? Cuz… you know…

    I KNOW, I KNOW, I don’t plan on dropping the ball (please God I hope I can keep my money this time), so if everything goes right I’m planning AT LEAST one big boost on the game per month. I’d rather just be realistic and lay the cards on the table that I need to stay alive and Curse of the Bastards won’t generate me any income, at least so far.

    Gee, that sucks, so how does that go ?

    Well, taking from examples such as Shwig and Roxxy, I came up with the idea of using PATREON to make sure you all get updates more frequently and I get some money without having to worry about working as a slave. How it would go is simple: You choose an amount to donate everytime the game has a Content Update, meaning, if you donate 1USD, everytime I make a Content Update, I get 1USD from you, supporter. There will be different tiers for different values and the ammount of updates per month is limited to 2, being 1 small and 1 big. I’ll go more into it later when it happens. That way I would be able to work on Curse of the Bastards without having to worry that I might skip lunch the next day, so… That’s the plan!

    When will that happen ?

    Somewhere between this month and the next one! I still have some jobs to finish and some bills to pay, but I’m slowly working on “The cool stuff” (read: New logo, title screen, character portraits and such), so the next updates might be around these lines.

    That’s it for now guys! If you have any questions, please use the /ask on tumblr! If you need to contact me just drop a mail to!

    See you soon!

  • Good job!

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