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  • So a week ago I decided to try my hands on Construct 2. The end result is Cubix.

    Cubix is a short puzzle / platformer game, where you must guide the little Cubix through 4 growingly difficult stages. The object is to reach the top of each stage to proceed to the next one. In order to do so you must utilize Cubix's ability to create cubes from thin air to use as platforms. Arrow keys control Cubix. Left click creates cubes and right click destroys them.

    Cubix is my attempt to have a metaphorical narrative through gameplay only, while keeping the player entertained with fun level design and game mechanics. If you enjoy old school platforming, puzzle-games - or even better, both - I think you'll have a ton of fun with this one.

    You can find the game on GameJolt. Check the bottom of this post for instructions. If you have any questions, comments, complaints etc. please leave a message here or on the GameJolt game profile.



    Apparently I can't post links yet due to some forum policy. You can find the game on Just insert Cubix in the search and press enter.

  • Nice game For a little extra challenge have you tried giving the blocks the physics behaviour to make stacking a little more challenging?

  • I first tried playing around with the physics more but soon decided it was more annoying than fun. The gameplay revolves around quick reflexes and puzzle solving and I felt it was already hard enough balancing with those two.

    Great to hear you liked it!

  • I considered your game difficult (hard enough for me) even for 1st level, considered that the use of mouse along with arrow keys. Great level design anyway

  • Nice game!

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  • Thanks for the comments guys!

    Yeah I guess it's pretty unforgiving. I thought about adding checkpoints but went with infinite lives instead.

  • Cute one, nice idea the use of mouse+keys!

    (but PLEASE make it easier...)

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