Crownwell (Space arcade)

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  • Hi everyone. My brother and I have just finished making our first game for Android phones using C2.

    It's a space arcade/shooter (not very original but the easiest to start with xD). Basically you have to survive as long as you can while different types of enemies and bosses (harder as time passes). There is also a store available with upgrades and extra powers.

    The gameplay is a little bit more "3D" than the usual arcades where you move left and right (or up and down) while you shoot. Here you can move as you wish across a limited map dodging enemies and destroying stations that give you extra seconds (you only have 60 seconds at the start if you don't get more).

    The link to the game is:

    It's a paid game, 0.79? (1$) so I guess it's harder to ask for feedback or suggestions but all reports are more than welcome (even ways of promoting or improving the game :P).

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