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  • Crossroads v0.9.3-RC1 is now Live and out of BETA

    Please post any issues or feedback here. Thank you!.

    1) whats the highest level you can reach?

    2) what do you like best about the game?

    3) what do you like least about the game?

    4) if you could change one thing...what?

    who will finish the game first and post the spoiler at the end?

    Suggested Devices: Any Desktop, laptop, Notebook and Most tablets including iPad and Surface Pro 3

    I do believe this game is complete. Please let me if you find any bugs and I will fix them but I am now moving on to several other projects.

    Version 0.9.3-RC1

    - Improved Change Log

    • Minor changes in Analytics
    • Added Univeral Banner Manager (UBM)
    • Minor Tweaks on overall gameplay
    • Removed due to issues with service.

    Version 0.9.2

    - Fixed Prizes spawning right outside layout

    • Prize now expire in about 7 sec
    • Revamped the Exhaust to be more realistic

    Version 0.8.8

    - a couple more permanence updates

    • combined player dialog & upgrades text into one.
    • adjustments to enemy spawn locations and rate.

    Version 0.8.5

    - Even smaller footprint

    • Increased health of player
    • Bug fixes
    • new Best Score feature
    • Smoother animation
    • Dropped support for Smaller phones. (iPhones, Nokia and such are overheating and lagging)
  • Nice game.

    How many sounds did you use in this project?

  • 20

    And ty

  • Nice work and the link to try it

  • its in the title. I don't have enough points to post a link in the body.

    i2tmlabs dot com

    thats it.

    I'm trying to get revision 0.8.5 out.

    • Fixed bug where if you played another game if freaked out on load
    • New Title Buttons
    • New Title background
    • Updated Title UI to support changelog
    • Added Autosave/Resume
    • Some tweaking to Damage(s) & Health(s)
    • Adjustments to various sound effect volumes
    • Sound Toggle Working (Finally)

    soon as I am done with the autosave feature i'll give it a run through and release.

  • I played it for about 10 minutes.

    Thrusters don't look right, since movement backwards/sideways cause it to fly the wrong way. Best just to do an animated thrust sprite and attach it to the ship engine exhaust, particles just don't work well in this setup.

    Are you aiming for a bullet hell experience? Because so far its very easy (I did not use the missiles, since I have no idea how to fire missiles!), no challenge. For me, these games are about skill to avoid bullets all over the screen, if its too easy (enemies shoot too few, you can take too many hits without dying), its pointless to play.

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  • Designed that way. you need it when you get past the blue gas giant. Noone has finished it yet.

    I just put out version 0.9.1-RC1 -> even more bug fixes, dropped total objects by 688, and final performance tweaks. It's playing quite well now on the iPads - iPhone is just to weak though. too small a screen also.

  • The game is great, but sometimes you cannot collect gold cubes (they are too low or too high and you cannot fly to them).

  • yes, also as intended. You are escorting, so you are bound to a certain distance to your ship. So you have to use priorities and time management on the fighting/collecting LOL. I think i'll just add a random time to them so they come and go instead of staying on the screen until they are off then destroyed.

    Anyone got their ship ship fully upgraded? All green LEDs and Level 6 weapon? I did it finally last night and its totally insane!!! You feel like a least for a few minutes until they kill you

    Anyone got to the end yet? Whats there?

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