Crossing Fox for FOS, Inspired by AnimalCrosing

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    After the first releases of InteractiveContacta in Firefox OS , ( Watchfire and LittleHabbo ) InteractiveContacta brings a title inspired by the hit series "Animal Crossing" .

    CrossingFox is being developed in Spanish and English languages ??, using a graphical development engine in 3D.

    We'll get into the shoes of a small fox , which comes to a village after receiving a house as an inheritance. In town, we can perform a myriad of activities from fishing, gathering fruit, plant trees , hidden objects , interact with villagers, decorating our house , buy, sell , dress up your character with different outfits ...

    One of the big factors of the game is that people can customize to our liking and so have interaction with different for each person who will be heading juegue.Cada it from another player.

    As previously mentioned, this title is being developed inspired by the hit series "Animal Crossing" Nintendo so we will perform many actions similar to those of this videogame series .

    The graphics as we can see this being developed in isometric 3D , which gives it a very llamativo.Como means of control, use the touch buttons we can see in the picture but other actions will be made with the simple act of making a move touch on the screen.

    Probably the game options available online, which have not yet been described or confirmed .

    We hope that this title will be available between the months of December and January of next year .

  • New images of the project in progress:

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  • I would Love to try a demo!

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  • Very soon will be the full version of the game in FirefoxMarketplace but may only be download for Firefox OS.

  • More information (Copied from the official blog InteractiveContacta, translated with google)

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    InteractiveContacta has launched a campaign to promote CrossingFox by various gaming sites on the Internet and mobile devices.

    With this, also shed new light on the game already finalized a release date , December , 2013.

    The game will be in Spanish and English languages ??and used a calendar and internal clock that allow real-time play . Events like the seasons ( Spring, Fall , Summer ... ) as well as weather events such as rain or snow , will happen in our course in the game. Although it will not have an online multiplayer mode , to use an option that will help you whenever you 're connected to the Internet while you 're playing , you will unlock new neighbors , objects and more surprises in the game.

    Customize your character costume with hats, gloves , wigs ... So as to make money picking fruit , planting trees , decorating our home, interacting with the other inhabitants of the town or construct new buildings for the people.

    The control system is very striking because it simulates a joystick like that of a game console, but also of other actions that we will touch on the screen.

    Besides this , InteractiveContacta will put on sale terminals with Firefox OS here on our official website ( ) and acquired for each terminal will offer a discount code to purchase the free CrossingFox FirefoxMarketplace .

    More news soon.

  • Just released campaign on IndieGoGo funding for the project FirefoxOS. Those who are interested in collaborating, would appreciate to have a look on financing page

  • Video at the game:

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