Creepy Mahjong - A mahjong solitaire with dark theme [ work in progress ]

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am developing Creepy Mahjong, a mahjong solitaire with a dark theme.

    The game is under development and I would like to receive some feedback about it.

    You can play it on your browser here:

    On the top right icon you can find the instructions. Basically is the classic solitaire with some addition, the life/time and the option to escape the fight.

    At this stage, after the first level, the others are randomly called, in the final version, instead depending on which level you are able to defeat, you will get some particular levels.

    It is also the first game where I am using ads, so I would be happy if you can give me your opinion about those too.

    Thank you for your help!

  • The new version 0.9.4 of Creepy Mahjong is now online.

    Now there is an options menu, save system and two language support (English and Italian).

    Thanks to all the ones giving previous feedback!

    You can play online the new version for free.

    Let me know what do you think about it :-)

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  • nice work :) lm searh mahjong tutorial or example , u have link ?

  • Thank youinkfalcon :)

    Sorry, I have done all by myself. It is a bit complex, but not impossible.

    My code is not so easy because I have built it around a future feature that I will release soon. It has an editor and it generates a code that people can share to play each other drawn maps.

    If you have a good understanding of arrays, you might be able to come out with a simplified version of what I did.

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